15 Best Things to Do in Andros (Greece)

tis grias to pidima

With a population of 18,000 at the end of the 19th century, today Andros Island is home to only about 9,000 inhabitants.

Land with a thousand years of history, today it offers a rarely seen variety of archeological sites and landmarks.

Blessed with a wonderful climate, the island attracts many visitors during the long summer season.

You can expect temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius from early April to early November.

Maximum temperatures vary between 30 and 35 degrees in July and August, and the sun smiles over the island more than 300 days a year.

Being the greenest Cycladic island, Andros is known for its beautiful landscapes.

With no doubt, however, the coastline is one of Andros’s main attractions.

Most beaches are covered with coarse-grained golden sand, and the sea is azure at the shallows and cobalt-blue far from the shore.

1. Enjoy the lighthouse of Andros

tourlitis lighthouse
Tourlitis Lighthouse by Dariia Maksimova

The lighthouse on Andros Island is among the most beautiful and famous in the world.

It is located on the farthest cliff of the rocky peninsula that cuts into two equal parts the beautiful bay of Andros.

A spiral winding staircase leads from the water to the lighthouse itself.

Known as Tourlitis, it was built in the late 19th century, in 1887.

It is known for being the first lighthouse to be fully automated in Greece.

This was very important because the structure was difficult to reach, despite its proximity to the coast.

2. Discover Achla Beach and the area

achla beach
Achla Beach by Petros Kkolas/Flickr

Achla Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

This place offers some of the most irresistible smooth sapphire waters you can imagine.

The surrounding slopes allow you to take unique panoramic photos.

Right next to the white beach, you’ll find beautiful wetlands, which are part of Natura 2000.

The area is very quiet and secluded, and very few people visit this place even in summer.

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to stay in the area, Onar Andros is a great option.

Located not far from the beach, the tourist complex is surrounded by green and fresh broad leaved vegetation.

This is one of the most relaxing and idyllic places on the island and is just a few minutes drive from Chora Andros.

3. Enjoy the archeological heritage of Paleopolis

paleopoli chora
Paleopoli Chora by Bruno Sarlandie/Flickr

Paleopolis or literally translated as “Old Town” is a village located not far from the west coast.

Inhabited since ancient times, the area is especially rich in artifacts.

One of the most popular landmarks is the ancient temple of Dionysus, whose ruins are surprisingly well preserved.

Many of the ruins you will see here date from around 1000 BC.

Most of the ancient ruins are located between the heart and the seashore and are easily accessible on foot.

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The area itself is very picturesque and beautiful, facing the west coast and the sapphire waters of the Aegean.

4. Visit the wonderful Fellos Beach

For sea lovers, Fellos Beach should be one of the must-see stops on the island.

Known for its soft golden sand and crystal clear water, the beach stretches in a sheltered bay in the northwestern part of the island.

This is a great place for swimming and snorkeling.

The water is usually very smooth and mirrored, even on windy days.

As it looks southwest, the beach receives plenty of sunshine until the late afternoon hours.

5. Explore Tis Grias to Pidima

tis grias to pidima
Tis Grias to Pidima by linmtheu/Flickr

Tis Grias to Pidima is a well known place from travel magazines and postcards.

Being one of the symbols of Andros Island, this is one of the must-visit destinations during your vacation.

This beach is at a walking distance north of Ormos Korthiou and about 20 minutes drive to the south of Chora Andros.

The main attraction here is the 21-meter high cliff, towering directly from the shallow emerald coastal waters, right next to the beach.

Leaving aside the famous rock, the beach itself is worth the effort to reach, at least because of its clear waters.

6. The Bridge of Love and Life Giving Spring

the bridge of love
The Bridge of Love by Loic Pinseel/Flickr

Episkopio is a very small historical village, situated on the green southern slopes of a hill, not far from Ormos Korthiou.

It is known for its stone-paved streets and staircases, beautiful old houses and churches.

One of the major attractions of Episkopio, however, is the popular Life Giving Spring.

If you follow the tourist route from the spring, you will reach one of the greenest and most beautiful places on the island.

In the outskirts of the small village, nestled between trees, you’ll find the Bridge of Love.

This is a must-visit unique green oasis.

Here, under the pleasant shade of lush deciduous forest, you’ll have the opportunity to relax yourself and to get rid of stress.

7. Explore the coast between Gavrilo and Kypri

kypri beach
Kypri Beach by Pinterest

The three-kilometer coastline from Gavrillo to Kypri can be described as the Andros Riviera.

Located in the northwestern parts of the island, it offers three of the most beautiful beaches here.

Agios Petros, Chrissi Ammos and Kypri Beach offer excellent conditions for a holiday on the coast.

They are known for their shallow crystal clear azure waters, and are covered with superb golden sand.

The most tempting and fine is the sand of Chrissi Ammos, but on the other hand, this beach is the smallest of them.

Looking south, the Andros Riviera beaches receive the maximum amount of sunlight during the day.

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8. Visit Pithara Waterfalls

pithara waterfalls
Pithara waterfalls by Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA-4.0

In a secluded and shady forested canyon, about 5 km northwest of Chora Andros, you will find the popular Pithara Falls.

It is relatively small, but at the same time, this is one of the most popular natural landmarks on the island.

To reach the waterfall you have to follow the hiking trail from the village of Apikia.

The area is very beautiful, so you definitely have to include this 10 minutes walk in your to-do list while on the island.

The beautiful forest offers irresistible coolness during the hot summer days.

The walk to the waterfall is a great way to diversify your vacation with something different from just lounging on the beach.

9. Windsurfing at Korthi Bay

korthi bay
Korthi Bay by Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA-3.0

Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, Andros offers the right conditions for everyone.

Among other things, the Aegean island is well-known for its world-class windsurfing schools.

Korthi Bay is particularly popular when it comes to the exciting water sport.

In the past, world windsurfing championships have been held here, and to this day the place is preferred for training by many champions in this field.

10. Rich cultural experience in Agias Irinis Monastery

agias irinis monastery
Agias Irinis Monastery by Ελληνικός Ήλιος/YouTube

The Agias Irinis Monastery is located in the vicinity of Apikia.

The monastery is considered one of the top rated sights on the island and it is no accident.

Situated on a steep panoramic road, this place fascinates you upon arrival.

After the initial impression, you’ll be even more pleasantly surprised.

The staff of the monastery consists of very nice and polite people.

They will introduce you to this majestic stone building from the late 18th century.

Once in the monastery, you will be able to enjoy exceptional exhibitions that will introduce to you the incredible local folklore and lifestyle.

The exhibitions include various aspects of the island’s life, including its biodiversity.

11. Visit Panagia Thalassini Church in Chora Andros

panagia thalassini church
Panagia Thalassini Church by Ank/Flickr

Panagia Thalassini is a small orthodox temple located in Chora Andros.

What makes it unique is its location on a cliff on the northern coast of the peninsula on which the settlement lies.

The temple was built on the shore of the bay as its mission is to protect the sailors.

What is unique in this case is that in the chapel we can see an icon of the Mother of God dressed in a blue robe instead of a red one.

The idea lies in the symbolism, since here the sea means life and is a major source of livelihood for many.

12. Experience the best scuba diving in the Aegean

scuba diving in andros
Scuba Diving in Andros by Bruno Karett/YouTube

The second largest Cycladic island offers a large selection of dive sites.

The combination of clean water, plenty of sunshine and a wide variety of underwater artifacts makes this island one of the best in Greece for divers.

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If you have no diving experience, here you will find a number of schools.

Actually, you can even get a diploma for your new skills.

You can find diving schools in several places, including Kypri, Gavrilo and Agios Petros.

One of the most popular diving schools is based at the famous Perrakis Hotel on the coast, between the beaches of Chrissi Ammos and Kypri.

Keep in mind that the island offers a large selection of dive sites, and very often this means getting to a further point by boat and an experienced guide.

13. Explore the village of Batsi (or Mpatsi)

village of batsi
Village of Batsi by linmtheu/Flickr

No matter which part of the island you are staying in, take a day to walk to Batsi.

Clean, white and cozy, the tourist village is located south of the so-called Andros Riviera.

Around the city harbor you will find a number of wonderful restaurants where you can enjoy traditional local cuisine and seafood.

In the vicinity of Batsi there are beautiful beaches with sapphire crystal clear waters.

One of the larger sandy beaches is located in the village itself.

However, in the vicinity there are several that are even more attractive.

14. Adventure to Mikri Peza and Megali Peza

mikri peza
Mikri Peza by Facebook

Undoubtedly, Mikri Peza and Megali Peza are the most remote, secluded and isolated beaches on the island.

Distanced about half a kilometer away from each other, the two beaches are located at least three kilometers from the nearest mountain villages in the area.

The deep crystalline emerald waters of the coves are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

Smooth as a mirror, the surface of the sea is irresistible during the hottest summer days, especially considering the fact that you cannot find any place to hide from the scorching sun in the area.

15. Day boat trip to Tinos or Mykonos

wonderful mykonos
Wonderful Mykonos by Daryl DeHart/Flickr

Tinos Island is located just 3 kilometers south of Andros.

For this reason, it is extremely easy to get to the neighboring island by boat.

Getting there faster, you will have more time to walk around.

Tinos Island has a lot to offer, including magnificent local cuisine and incredible wines, fantastic beaches and clear sea waters, not to mention the ecologically clean rural interior of the little paradise.

Another option is to join a day cruise to Mykonos.

The distance in this case is bigger, but on the other side, Mykonos is well-known tourist destination and is considered one of the top spots to visit in Greece.

Most tourist boats leave from Gavrio or Chora Andros, although there are options in every more significant tourist village on the island.