20 Best Things to Do in Mykonos (Greece)

windmills of mykonos

Mykonos is a relatively small but very densely populated island and is one of the most visited places in Greece.

Dry and sunny weather, golden sandy beaches, sapphire sea water, exceptional architecture and irresistible sunsets are some of the biggest advantages of the scenic island.

Even if dry and devoid of lush vegetation, it is a charming place with magnetism that can hardly be described in words.

The white houses overgrown with bright bougainvillea have become one of the symbols of Greece and the Mediterranean.

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss if you have chosen Mykonos for your next summer vacation:

1. Enjoy the windmills

windmills of mykonos
Windmills of Mykonos by Hassan Rafeek/Flickr

The windmills of Mykonos are emblematic.

Over the years they have gradually become a symbol of the island.

They are 16, with almost half of them (seven) in the area of the island’s capital Mykonos (Chora).

They are designed to help local people make the most of the permanent north winds.

Much of the windmills date back to the 16th century.

All of them are snow white and have pointed thatched roofs.

2. Visit the beautiful Elia Beach

elia beach
Elia beach by NervousEnergy/Flickr

Elia is considered the most beautiful of all the beaches on the island.

It is located in a wide bay on the southwest coast and offers light and fine golden sands.

The beach is about 600 meters long and is a perfect place to swim, including for beginners, as the water is azure, warm and limpid.

The combination of shallow sea and sandy bottom is very attractive, and this is why many people prefer to stay and spend their holidays in the area, especially if traveling with their families.

3. Meet Petros the pelicans

petros the pelican
Petros the Pelican by NervousEnergy/Flickr

Petros is a great white pelican and is one of the most popular residents of Mykonos.

The story began in 1958, when the bird was rescued and healed by locals.

The harbor became his home, and the pelican remained there for permanently.

Today, there are several great white pelicans in the area of the town, one of which is always symbolically called Petros.

It is very interesting for tourists to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of these huge birds.

The pelicans usually stand by the shore and don’t seem to pay attention to the numerous visitors.

4. Shopping in luxury boutiques

luxury yacht
Luxury yacht by Joe deSousa/Flickr

Mykonos is well-known for attracting more well-off tourists than most of the other Greek islands.

For this reason, the island is a place to find a wide range of luxury boutiques.

You can find high-end luxury clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

If you are a connoisseur of luxury items, here you will surely find many things to buy for yourself or to take home as gifts to your family and friends.

Here you can find global brands such as Chanel, Dsquared2 and John Galliano as well as luxury local Greek brands.

5. Find some privacy at Fokos Beach

fokos beach
Fokos beach by Peter Rintels/Flickr

Fokos Beach is located in a small bay on the northern coast of the island.

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As it is located in a less populated area without too many tourist villas and hotels around, the place is traditionally quite peaceful and quiet.

Of course, there are some visitors but they are far less than in other parts of Mykonos.

The beach offers coarse golden sand, mixed with small pebbles.

The water is very limpid and pastel blue.

6. Take a walk in Little Venice

little venice
Little Venice by Julia Maudlin/Flickr

Undoubtedly, “Little Venice” should be the main focus of your vacation in Mykonos.

This is what they call the most beautiful coastal part of the town of Chora.

It is called this because of its two-storey buildings with specific balconies in the Venetian style.

Some of the buildings literally meet the waves of the Aegean Sea.

Here are some of the most attractive restaurants on the island.

And this is not surprising.

What is more pleasant than enjoying delicious food and drink while feeling the splashes of the sea waves?

7. Swimming at Agrari Beach

agrari beach
Agrari beach

A group of eroded limestone rocks separates Agrari Beach from its larger neighbor Elia.

The beach is one of the most popular and attractive in Mykonos because of its turquoise crystal clear waters.

It is more than 200 meters long.

As the prevailing winds in this part of the island come from the shore (from the north), the seawater is always very calm and smooth as a mirror.

8. Visit the monastery of Tourliani

monastery of tourliani
Monastery of Tourliani by lo.tangelini/Flickr

The monastery of Tourliani is located in the small village of Ano Mera, in the heart of the island.

It is one of the important landmarks of Mykonos and is built in typical Aegean style.

The building of the monastery is snow white and is complemented perfectly by the surrounding architecture.

Tourliani Monastery was built in 1542 and later restored in the 18th century.

9. Day boat trip to Delos Island and Rineia

terrace of the lions
Terrace of the Lions by Nathan Hughes Hamilton/Flickr

Talking about the most exciting adventures offered on the Aegean island, we should definitely mention the boat trips to the islands of Dilos and Rineia.

They are relatively large and located less than 3 kilometers west of Mykonos.

Dilos is known for its incredible archaeological treasures, including statues of lions, columns of ancient Doric temples, and many more.

Most of the remains date from different periods of the 1st millennium BC.

Nearby is the island of Rineia, which is famous for its numerous bays and fantastic turquoise lagoons with clear waters.

10. Visit Panormos Beach and Principote Bar

panormos beach
Panormos beach by Upsilon Andromedae/Flickr

Panormos Beach is nestled on the west coast of a large bay.

It is located in the north of the island but thanks to its sheltered location, the sea surface is always surprisingly smooth and calm.

Visibility under water reaches up to about 40 meters.

You will be amazed by the fine golden sand and turquoise color of the sea.

In addition, you will find here the well-known Principote Beach Bar, which successfully combines luxury and natural Aegean beauty.

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11. Enjoy local cuisine under the shade of bougainvillea

avra restaurant
Avra restaurant by Avra Mykonos

Mykonos’ local cuisine consists of mostly seafood, including fish, shrimp, crab, squid and many others.

Everything local residents put on the table is fresh and comes from the clear blue waters of the Aegean.

There are plenty of places to taste from the local culinary treasures in the city and one of them is the Avra restaurant, which is highly recommended by visitors.

The reason is its extraordinary garden, where you can enjoy wonderful meals under the shade of blossoming bougainvillea.

12. Buy souvenirs

chora street
Chora street by Kostas Limitsios/Flickr

Although you can find a great variety of nice and interesting souvenirs behind every corner of Chora, there are also other options to think about.

Aesthet Boutique offers a wide range of luxury and sophisticated products to choose from.

You should pay some additional attention to the jewelry.

It is a great choice, with no matter if you try to find the perfect souvenir for yourself or just need to bring a really nice high-end gift to your loved ones at home.

13. Visit the church of Panagia Paraportiani

paraportiani orthodox church
Paraportiani Orthodox Church by momo/Flickr

The Paraportiani Orthodox Church has become one of the symbols of the beautiful Aegean island of Mykonos.

Its snow-white building rises just next to the seashore of the charming coastal town of Chora.

The church is easily recognizable because of its bell tower, which is completed in typical of the local architecture style.

The construction of the church began in the 15th century and was completed two centuries later.

14. Visit Tria Pigadia Square

tria pigadia square
Tria Pigadia Square

Tria Pigadia is a unique place that has become one of the island’s most important tourist attractions.

It comes to a small square with a unique atmosphere, with 3 wells situated next to each other.

Until the 18th century, this place was of great importance for the everyday life of the island, since the wells were the main fresh water supplier in the town of Mykonos.

One of the most specific features of Tria Pigadia is that the water comes from a shallow depth of about 5 meters.

15. Spend a day at Platis Gialos Beach

platis gialos beach
Platis Gialos beach by Leonora (Ellie) Enking/Flickr

Located in a small bay on the southern coast of the island, Platis Gialos Beach is a place you shouldn’t miss while in Mykonos.

It is known for its shallow waters and fine sandy bottom which is why it attracts many visitors, including families with children.

Although this beautiful white beach is sometimes quite noisy and lively, the advantage is that it is very well maintained and offers numerous facilities.

Just a few steps from the beach, you will find superb tavernas where you can cool down with a cold drink and have a delicious lunch with local seafood and vegetables.

16. Try Assyrtiko wine

woman glass of wine
Woman glass of wine

Wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Greece. One of the top varieties to try in Mykonos is the classy Assyrtiko wine.

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It is made from a rear local variety of grapes which brings the same name and grows only on a small number of islands in the Mediterranean.

It is known for its rich and fine taste.

You can try good wines in many places, but if you want (as recommended) to spend an entire day dedicated to this pleasure, you should take part in some of the island’s popular cultural and wine tours.

Joining some of them, you can learn a lot about the local varieties of wine as well as about the culture of the island.

17. Snorkeling at Tragonisi

tragonisi island
Tragonisi Island by Pinterest

Tragonisi is a small and barren rocky island located off the eastern coast of Mykonos.

In a quiet and windless weather you will be able to see an entire universe of marine life under the sea surface.

The best way to get to Tragonisi is by boat. In most of the sheltered coves between the rocks, the water is turquoise blue and very clear.

Since the place is relatively isolated, visitors rarely come here.

As a result, hundreds of species of sea creatures are thriving here.

18. Visit Korfos Beach if you love windsurfing

windsurfing in korfos beach
Windsurfing in Korfos Beach by Pinterest

Located in the far western regions of the island and facing north, Korfos Beach is considered one of the best windsurfing spots in Mykonos.

The persistent northern wind not only brings relaxing coolness but also creates excellent conditions to practice your favorite sport.

And despite the sea breeze here practically never stops, waves are rare.

On most days, the water is quite calm and smooth as the beach is located in the innermost part of a sheltered bay.

19. Walk with a donkey

walk with a donkey
Walk with a donkey by Clarence/Flickr

For centuries, locals have been moving from one point to another on the island with donkeys.

In the past, this was the easiest way to overcome miles through the dry and hot hills of Mykonos.

Today this is an exciting adventure.

On the one hand, the contact with the animal is a great experience, and on the other hand, you will be able to quickly and easily explore some of the main attractions.

20. Diving to the wreck of Anna II

wreck of anna II
Wreck of Anna II by Facebook

Thanks to its clear cobalt blue waters, Mykonos Island attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

One of the biggest landmarks in this respect is the wreck of Anna II.

This is a cargo ship with a total length of more than 60 meters.

It can be found under the waters off the southwestern shores of Mykonos.

Today it is home to huge colonies of colorful fish and is completely covered with polyps.

Of course, when talking about a real scuba diving, it is recommended to do it with an experienced instructor, unless you have the necessary technique and skills.

If you need professional advice or an instructor, GoDive is one of the most popular places on the island.