30 Best Beaches in Canada

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While the world’s second largest country is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, we often think mostly of snow capped mountain ranges, lakes, fjords, dense pine forests, giant glaciers, deep rivers and harsh snowy winters.

But what about its fantastic beaches?

Located on 3 oceans, Canada offers a truly unimaginable variety of beaches.

Let’s not forget also its lakes, which according to some scientists are more than 2 million!

If you are planning a trip around Canada, here are some of the beaches you should definitely include in your must-visit list:

1. Crystal Beach (Ontario)

Often referred to as the Canadian Florida, the southern horn of Ontario is known for its lovely golden sandy beaches and hot summers.

It seems like this is the perfect combination for beachgoers and holidaymakers, and indeed it is.

Crystal Beach is one of the most popular beach spots along the shore of Lake Erie.

It offers a 2-mile-long stretch of superb sands and mirrored waters.

Crystal Beach is located close to the U.S border and is only 20 minutes drive to the west of the U.S. city of Buffalo.

2. Glenghorm Beach (Nova Scotia)

glenghorm beach
Glenghorm Beach by Jim Dollar/Flickr

Although summers in Nova Scotia are usually short, the weather here in July and August is just fantastic with temperatures around 73°F (23°C) in July and 75°F (24°C) in August.

In combination with sea water temperatures of around 70°F (21°C) and mostly sunny weather, the area is a paradise for beachgoers and hikers.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are to be found in Ingonish.

Especially popular is one of the northernmost beaches, known as Glenghorm Beach.

It is the most popular with visitors and offers superb golden sand and breathtaking scenery.

3. Sauble Beach (Ontario)

sauble beach
Sauble Beach by DJ SINGH/Flickr

Sauble Beach is a 7 mile (11 km) long stretch of soft golden sand which lies 137 miles (about 220 km or over 3 hours drive) northwest of Toronto.

The coastal community is one of the most popular places for summer vacation and recreation in the beautiful nature of Ontario.

The water reaches about 72°F (22°C) in August, and the air temperature averages about 75 – 77°F (24 – 25°C), reaching over 86°F (over 30°C) on hot mid-summer days.

4. Cathedral Bluffs Beach (Ontario)

cathedral bluffs beach
Cathedral Bluffs Beach by Viv Lynch/Flickr

Cathedral Bluffs Beach is a superb golden soft sandy beach in northern Toronto.

It combines beautiful nature with the proximity of one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

The coast here is extremely picturesque and attracts many visitors in July and August, when the average temperature during the day is about 81°F (27°C).

It is famous for its scenic white coastal cliffs.

The entire area is covered by dense vegetation so it is a great place to find some pleasant shade in summer.

The average maximum water temperature during the period is about 72°F (22°C).

5. Kitsilano Beach (British Columbia)

kitsilano beach
Kitsilano Beach by Christopher Porter/Flickr

Kitsilano Beach is located on the southern coast of Burrard Inlet, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This is one of the most popular and visited city beaches in Canada, and it offers half a mile of soft light-colored creamy-beige sands.

Here you can find a wide range of entertainment opportunities, including various sports facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts etc.).

This place attracts locals and visitors all over the year but mostly during the beach season.

In July and August the average temperature is about 72°F (22 – 23°C), reaching up to 86°F (30°C) on the warmest days.

The average ocean surface temperature along the coast of Kitsilano Beach is about 64°F (18°C) in July and August, reaching up to 72°F (22°C) on the warmest late summer days.

6. Port Dover Beach (Ontario)

port dover beach
Port Dover Beach by Ryan/Flickr

Port Dover Beach is a very small but wonderful beach.

Covered with the finest golden sand and surrounded by the irresistible shade of broadleaf trees, in summer this pearl on the northern shore of Lake Erie attracts many visitors.

The mirrored waters of the lake reach a very comfortable swimming temperature of about 72°F (22°C) at the end of summer.

In addition, July and August are known for offering plenty of sunshine and clear weathers with temperatures around 81°F (27°C) or more.

7. Grand Bend Beach (Ontario)

grand bend beach
Grand Bend Beach by MarcusObal/CC BY-SA 3.0

Grand Bend Beach is a typical quiet and secluded coastal community on the southwest shore of Lake Huron, on the Horn of Ontario Province.

The beach here is quite wide, known for its soft golden sandy dunes that separate the lake from the shallow coastal lagoons.

Although the beach strongly reminds of Florida, it is never too crowded, and of course, there are no sharks because you are in the region of the Great Lakes.

The water here easily warms up to 72°F (22°C) in the second half of summer, which makes it perfect for swimming and bathing.

As Grand Bend Beach is located in one of the southernmost points of Canada, the average temperature during the day here is between 77 and 86°F (between 25 and 30°C) in July and August, and several times a year reaches about 93 – 95°F (34 – 35°C).

8. Taillon Beach (Québec)

taillon beach
Taillon Beach by James Saper/Flickr

Taillon Beach is a fantastic cinnamon-beige stretch of sand, located on the northeast shore of Lake Saint-Jean in south-central Québec.

It is one of the most quiet and secluded beach spots in Canada.

As it is located about 200 km north of Québec City, it takes about 2 and a half hours to get here.

Taillon Beach’s dark blue waters reach a comfortable swimming temperature of about 73 – 75°F (23 – 24°C) quite easily in June and you can expect warm waters until the end of August.

The surrounding area is covered with beautiful forests, lakes and deep rivers.

Although winters are freezing here, the average summer temperature during the day is about 77°F (25°C) between mid-June and late August, although on the hottest days temperatures of over 86°F (30°C) are quite common.

9. Tribune Bay Beach (British Columbia)

tribune bay beach
Tribune Bay Beach by M.E. Sanseverino/Flickr

Tribune Bay Beach is a half-mile-long stretch of fine creamy-white sands, situated in a sheltered and shallow bay, on the south coast of Hornby Island.

This is one of the smaller islands in the Strait of Georgia, between the mainland coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Tribune Bay Beach is well-known for the most clear ocean waters in Canada as well as for its warmer water temperatures during the months of July and August of around 72°F (22°C).

On hot summer days the average temperature during the day is about 77 – 86°F (25 – 30°C).

In addition, the nearby pine forest offers some really wonderful walking trails to explore.

10. Plage de St-Irénée (Québec)

plage de st-irénée
Plage de St-Irénée by La maison irène/Flickr

If you are planning a trip to Québec City, be sure to stop by one of Canada’s most famous river beaches, known as the Plage de St-Irénée or St-Irénée Beach.

It offers light beige-cinnamon sands and attracts many beachgoers and sunbathers in summer.

The place is located 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Québec City, which makes it relatively easily accessible, but at the same time remote enough to be a good choice for recreation.

The temperature of the mirrored waters is about 68°F (20°C) or more in the height of summer, and the average air temperature during the day is about 81°F (27°C) in July and August.

11. Lac Tremblant Beach (Québec)

lac tremblant beach
Lac Tremblant Beach by Karin Lewis/Flickr

Lac Tremblant is a beautiful lake, situated two hours drive northwest of the elegant and cosmopolitan city of Montreal.

In the southeastern corner of the lake you will find a wonderful small beach.

The stretch of soft golden sand is very well-maintained and attracts visitors from June to late August.

The average temperature during the day along the lake shore is 73°F (23°C) in June, 79°F (26°C) in July and 77°F (25°C) in August. The temperature of the lake water is about 73°F (23°C) on the warmest summer days.

12. Oka Beach (Québec)

Montreal is often compared to Paris because of the numerous similarities between the two French-speaking cities.

In addition to the cultural and lifestyle similarities, however, in Montreal you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada – Oka Beach.

The stretch of soft golden sand is located in a beautiful ecologically clean area in the vicinity of the city.

Very well maintained, the beach offers shallow mirrored waters that reach around 73°F (23°C) in August.

Summers here are quite warm. You can expect temperatures of about 73 – 75°F (23 – 24°C) at the beginning and end of the summer season and between 77 and 86°F (25 and 30°C) or more in July.

13. Tadoussac Beach (Québec)

Tadoussac Beach is the main stretch of fine light-colored sand along the shore of Tadoussac, at the river mouth of Saguenay River (a tributary of Saint Lawrence River).

In addition to the beautiful sandy beach, here you can enjoy the unspoiled wild nature and dense forests in the area.

The village is a popular whale observing spot.

Summers bring lovely weather in the area. You can expect temperatures of around 73 – 77°F (23 – 25°C) in summer, much higher on the warmest days. The water is comfortable – around 72°F (22°C).

14. Les Graves Trail Beaches (Québec)

les graves trail beaches
Les Graves Trail Beaches by Thomas Lamy/Flickr

Forillon National Park is known for its scenic natural beauty and outstanding beaches.

You will find it in the area of Gaspé, in easten Québec.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are nestled in the small coves along the scenic Les Graves Trail, on the coast of Gaspé Bay.

Most of the beaches are rather small and secluded, covered with coarse sand and small pebbles. They are known for their crystal clear waters.

In July and August you can enjoy the outstanding beauty and clear waters because the average temperature during the day is about 73°F (23°C) or more. The water in the ocean is very comfortable too, reaching about 68 – 72°F (20 – 22°C).

15. Constance Bay Beach (Ontario)

constance bay beach
Constance Bay Beach by lezumbalaberenjena/Flickr

One of the very best Canadian beaches is located on the outskirts of the capital Ottawa and is located approximately 27 miles (more than 43 km) west of the downtown of the city.

You will find it on the side of Ontario Province, on the south bank of the Ottawa River.

Dotted by old and large broadleaf trees, the beach is covered with golden soft sand and is over 3 miles long (almost 5 km).

The weather in the area is very warm during the summer months – around 75°F (24°C) in June, 81°F (27°C) in July and 79°F (26°C) in August. Hot waves with temperatures of over 95°F (35°C) are quite common too. The water along the shore of Constance Bay Beach is warm and comfortable to swim, reaching around 73°F (23°C) in August.

16. Cape Scott Provincial Park (British Columbia)

cape scott provincial park
Cape Scott Provincial Park by Tim Gage/Flickr

Cape Scott Provincial Park is situated in the north-western part of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.

It is known for some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in North America.

The mixture of sapphire-blue waters and emerald-green dense pine forests attracts nature lovers from across the county in July and August.

The average temperature during the day in the northern part of the island is around 72 – 73°F (22 – 23°C) in July and August, and the temperature of the water is around 68 – 72°F (20 – 22°C), so it is comfortable for swimming.

Here you will be able to find the privacy you need. Don’t forget, however, that the place is quite isolated so you need to prepare food and water for the adventure.

17. Second Beach (British Columbia)

second beach
Second Beach by Michael O’Brien/Flickr

Although being relatively small, Second Beach is quite popular.

It is covered with very fine light-colored creamy sand and is very attractive because of its easily-accessible location along the coast of the lovely Stanley Park in Vancouver.

It attracts thousands of beachgoers every day in summer.

It offers a number of sports and recreational facilities as well as a convenient parking lot nearby.

18. Cobourg Beach (Ontario)

cobourg beach
Cobourg Beach by Agatha Barc/Flickr

Cobourg Beach is a half-mile-long stretch of golden sand on the central-north shore of Lake Ontario.

The place is about 65 miles (104 km) northeast of Toronto and attracts thousands of beachgoers every summer between mid-June and early September.

It can be quite crowded in July and August, when the average temperature during the day reaches about 79 – 81°F (26 – 27°C). You can expect water temperature of around 72 – 73°F (22 – 23°C) in the height of summer.

While parts of the beach are pretty wild and natural, another part of it (better known as Victoria Beach) is very well-maintained and was even awarded with Blue Flag in 2020.

19. Singing Sands Beach (Prince Edward Island)

Even being the smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island is known for offering the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in the country.

Here you can find also some of the most pleasant and healthy summer temperatures of about 73 – 75°F (23 – 24°C) in July and August, reaching up to 86°F (30°C) on the hottest days.

Although it offers a number of wonderful stretches of fine sand, the most popular definitely is the half-mile-long Singing Sands Beach.

It is located within Basin Head Provincial Park in the northeastern part of the island.

The stretch of fine white sand is called like this because of the specific sound it creates while you are walking on the sand.

The water temperature in summer is very comfortable for swimming, reaching about 73 – 77°F (23 – 25°C).

20. Skaha Beach (British Columbia)

skaha beach
Skaha Beach by canspirit/Flickr

The scenic Okanagan Valley is often referred to as the Napa Valley of Canada.

It is located in the southernmost part of British Columbia and is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in North America.

Skaha Beach is a wonderful stretch of soft golden sand in the northern part of the lake, along the south shore of the city of Penticton.

Along the coast you will find a charming park that offers great opportunities for walking and outdoor sports.

Here you can enjoy the pleasant shade of the trees and the beautiful view of the surrounding hills at the same time.

The place offers very warm and sunny weather during the summer months. The average temperatures during the day in July and August are around 82 – 84°F (28 – 29 °C) on average, reaching over 86°F (30°C) on the hottest days. The water in the lake easily reaches pleasant temperatures for swimming of around 73 – 77°F (23 – 25°C) in the height of summer.

21. Deep Cove Beach (British Columbia)

deep cove beach
Deep Cove Beach by Jérôme Decq/Flickr

Deep Cove is a small coastal community located on the northeastern outskirts of Vancouver.

You will find it on the shore of a narrow, deep and long bay, surrounded by pine forests.

The coast (better known as Deep Cove Beach) is known for its pebble beaches and mirrored waters.

It is an extremely good choice for kayaking and boating.

In summer, between mid-June and early September, it attracts beachgoers and swimmers.

22. Goderich Beach (Ontario)

goderich beach
Goderich Beach by Whpq/CC BY-SA 3.0

The town of Goderich is located in Huron County, on the southeast shore of Lake Huron.

It is located in the southernmost part of the province of Ontario.

The motto of the city is Canada’s Prettiest Town, and it really has an exceptional charm.

Apart from its historic downtown, Goderich is famous for its sandy coastline, which includes several beautiful beaches.

During the summer months they attract a lot of visitors, especially the main city beach.

It offers light-colored sand and pleasant summer temperatures about 77°F (about the mid 20s Celsius).

23. Katherine Cove Beach (Ontario)

katherine cove beach
Katherine Cove Beach by Viv Lynch/Flickr

Superior Lake is a truly fantastic place for spending your summer holidays in Canada and Katherine Cove Beach is definitely one of the top spots.

It is located on the northeast shore of the, in the province of Ontario.

You will find it in Algoma District, within the limits of Lake Superior Provincial Park.

During the winter season, this place is covered with a thick layer of snow and ice, but in summer, it is a real paradise for beachgoers.

Secluded and remote, the beach is covered with fine golden sands.

In July and August the temperature is around 77°F (25°C), which is perfect for recreation along the coast.

24. Indian Head Cove (Ontario)

indian head cove
Indian Head Cove by Josh Delp/Flickr

Bruce Peninsula is a piece of paradise in the eastern part of Lake Huron.

It attracts thousands of visitors during the short but very beautiful summer season.

Of course, the main attraction here is the coast, which offers a large selection of wonderful places for beachgoers.

Among the most popular is Indian Head Cove. The small pebble beach is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters.

In summer, this place is a paradise for lovers of swimming and snorkeling. In July and August the water in the lake reaches about 66 – 67°F (about 19°C) and the air temperature is around and over 75°F (24°C).

25. Long Beach (British Columbia)

long beach
Long Beach by Larissa Sayer/Flickr

Long Beach is located on the west coast of Victoria Island, between the towns of Tofino and Ucluelet.

The wild and almost untouched 9-mile-long (14 km) stretch of light creamy-colored sand attracts a lot of visitors in July and August.

The place is known for offering the most favorable weather conditions in Canada.

Although the average daytime temperature is around 68°F (20°C), on warm and sunny days temperatures of around 86°F (30°C) are not uncommon.

26. Bertram Beach (British Columbia)

bertram beach
Bertram Beach by Stuart Madden/Flickr

If you enjoy swimming and sunbathing, Okanagan Lake will be a real paradise for you.

It offers dozens of outstanding golden sandy beaches (including Penticton Beach or Crescent Beach).

And while some of them offer bigger and softer stretches of sand, Bertram Beach is very special for the combination of crystal clear waters, beautiful view and pleasant shade under the crowns of the large trees on the shore.

Here you can enjoy nearly tropical summer temperatures of around 82 – 84°F (28 – 29 °C), and the temperature of the water is ideal for bathing and swimming with its 73 – 77°F (23 – 25°C) in July and August.

27. Wasaga Beach (Ontario)

wasaga beach
Wasaga Beach by Oliver Mallich/Flickr

Approximately 8.7-mile-long (14 km), Wasaga Beach is considered the longest freshwater beach in the world.

The white stretch of fine sand is located approximately 90 miles (145 km) north of the downtown of Toronto.

The place is a very popular center for beachgoers and attracts both locals and tourists.

It is famous for its mirrored waters, so it is a very good place for swimming and kayaking.

In July and August the weather here is quite warm – between 77 and 86°F (between 25 and 30°C) during the day. However, the temperatures can easily reach up to 95°F (up to the mid 30s) on the hottest days. The water temperature is about 68 – 72°F (about 20 – 22°C).

28. The Grotto Bay (Ontario)

the grotto bay
The Grotto Bay by Muhammad Ghouri/Flickr

Because of its crystal clear emerald waters, the Grotto Bay is one of the most popular spots to swim in Canada.

You will find it along the northwest coast of Bruce Peninsula, within Bruce Peninsula National Park and not far from the town of Tobermory.

In addition to comfortable summer water temperatures of around 68 – 72°F (20 – 22°C), you can enjoy the pristine wild nature in the vicinity, including the popular coastal cave and the dense pine forest that covers most of the peninsula.

29. Hesquiat Peninsula’s beaches (British Columbia)

hesquiat peninsulas beaches
Hesquiat Peninsulas Beaches by Tim Gage/Flickr

Almost uninhabited, Hesquiat is a twelve-miles-long peninsula covered with pristine dense pine forests and situated on the central western coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

It is known for its beautiful beaches, all of them covered by fine white to creamy-beige sand.

In summer, between mid-June and late August, it offers wonderful temperatures reaching 77 – 86°F (25 – 30°C) on hottest days.

Because of the warmer ocean currents, the ocean surface temperatures in the sheltered bays in the area reach up to 70 and 72°F (21 – 22°C), which is much warmer than Northern California and Oregon in the United States, for example (although they are located much further south).

30. Sandbanks Provincial Park (Ontario)

sandbanks provincial park
Sandbanks Provincial Park by Eric Parker/Flickr

Sandbanks Provincial Park is a popular spot with beachgoers and campers during the hot and sunny summer season.

You will find the place on the coast of Isle of Quinte, right next to Prince Edward Island, on the north shore of Lake Ontario (not to be confused with the Province of Prince Edward of the Atlantic Coast!).

This place is quite busy in summer, and at the same time, it is very far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Here you can find really soft golden sands and water temperatures of about 72°F (22°C) in July and August.