75 Best Places to Visit in Oregon

cascada de los ninos

Lesser known than its neighbors Washington and California, Oregon is the least populous state on the West Coast of the United States.

Being a kind of a natural extension of California, it is not surprising that it has some really exceptional beaches to offer, many of which are wild and untouched.

The interior of Oregon combines dense rainforests and semi-desert areas, separated through the snow-capped mountain ridges of the Cascade Mountains.

Here you can also see some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls in the country.

Oregon’s natural beauty is protected by one of the world’s best-developed networks of national parks and other protected areas. Here is what not to miss while in the state:

1. The City of Lake Oswego

the city of lake oswego
The City of Lake Oswego by drburtoni/Flickr

The City of Lake Oswego is a relatively small community, which is home to less than 38,000 residents.

It is located 8 miles south of Portland and is surrounded by green pine and broadleaf forests.

Lake Oswego is the main tourist attraction in the area. In the vicinity of the lake you will find a number of great parks and gardens as well as dozens of wonderful hiking trails.

2. Cannon Beach

cannon beach
Cannon Beach by rpphotos/Flickr

Cannon Beach is an attractive tourist city, well-known from a number of Hollywood productions, such as “The Goonies” (1985) and “Point Break” (1991).

With summer temperatures of 66 – 68°F (19 – 20°C), this place is a great opportunity to escape the summer heat.

It is considered by many the most beautiful part of the Pacific coast of the United States.

3. Crater Lake

crater lake
Crater Lake by Udo S/Flickr

Crater Lake is located in south-central Oregon. Known for its crystal clear sapphire waters, it is the deepest not only in Oregon but also in the United States.

The maximum depth is 1,949 ft (594 m), which is 495.4 ft (or 151 meters) over the tip of the Empire State Building.

Visitors often say they have never seen such a deep blue color, especially under the appropriate weather conditions.

4. Little Crater Lake

little crater lake
Little Crater Lake by Bonnie Moreland/Flickr

The Pacific state is famous for some of the most beautiful lakes in the United States, and one of them is the Little Crater Lake.

Located within Mount Hood National Forest, it is an important tourist attraction.

It is known for its topaz blue crystal clear waters. The lake is about 45 feet deep (almost 14 meters) on average but it reaches 51 feet (15.5 meters) in its deepest point.

But be careful! The water temperature barely exceeds the freezing 34°F (1-2°C) and for this reason, it is extremely dangerous for swimming!

5. Toketee Falls

toketee falls
Toketee Falls by Bill Young/Flickr

Considered the most beautiful is the state, Toketee Falls is a popular tourist attraction.

Located in a wild and sparsely populated forested area of Douglas County, less than 60 miles east from downtown Roseburg, it is a great place for recreation.

In the vicinity of the waterfall you will find a beautiful hiking trail, which is approximately 1.4 miles long.

The waterfall is about 113 feet (34.4) tall. There is a great panoramic platform which reveals a stunning view.

6. The Pinnacles of Crater Lake

the pinnacles of crater lake
The Pinnacles of Crater Lake by GPS/Flickr

The Pinnacles of Crater Lake is a natural phenomenon located not far to the southeast from the caldera.

The rocks of volcanic origin have been elegantly sculpted by erosion over the years.

Beige-white at the base and gray at the top, the pinnacles can be seen very well from the easy and moderately trafficked Pinnacle Valley Trail.

It is approximately 0.7 miles (1.13 km) long and is appropriate for people of all fitness levels.

7. The Alvord Desert

the alvord desert
The Alvord Desert by BLMOW/Flickr

Located not far from the sunny state of Nevada, the Alvord Desert is one of the warmest spots in Oregon.

Because of its well-preserved wilderness, this is a popular place to visit and attracts hikers from all over the country.

With its picturesque landscape, the desert is extremely photogenic and offers a surprising variety.

Because of the flat terrain, the deserted valley is one of the top destinations for land sailing in the United States.

8. Cape Arago Lighthouse

cape arago lighthouse
Cape Arago Lighthouse by Mike McBride/Flickr

Cape Arago Lighthouse is located in the Coos Bay area. You will find it approximately 2 miles west of the small fishing village of Charleston.

It is located on a small rocky island, southwest of the estuary of Coos Bay.

The lighthouse was completed and put into operation in 1934. The white building can be seen from afar, together with its 13 meters tall tower.

9. Newport Bay

newport bay
Newport Bay by Kirt Edblom/Flickr

Picturesque and cozy, Newport Bay is a must visit coastal city.

Apart from its exceptional beaches, it is famous for its scenic location on the shores of Yaquina Bay, as well as for its modernly equipped aquarium.

Opened in 1992, it is considered one of the most interesting and recommended to visit in the United States.

10. Plaikni Falls

plaikni falls
Plaikni Falls by James Wellington/Flickr

Plaikni Falls is located not far from the famous Crater Lake.

The waterfall is easily accessible. It can be reached by a 1-mile-long moderately trafficked hiking trail.

It is considered very easy and suitable for hikers of any level of fitness.

The place is most beautiful in June, July and August, when the weather is wonderful.

11. Cape Perpetua

Located on the coast just 2 miles south of Yachats, Cape Perpetua has gained the reputation of a popular place to visit.

The forested headland attracts people mainly because of its beautiful views, pristine nature and endless beaches.

The most popular spot is Cape Perpetua Lookout. It reveals a spectacular and breathtaking panorama, regardless of the weather.

12. Ghost Forest, Neskowin

neskowin ghost forest
Neskowin Ghost Forest by Rob DeGraff/Flickr

Neskowin Ghost Forest is an ancient forest located on the beach in Neskowin, not far from Tilamok.

The most interesting in this case is that no one had been suspecting about its existence until a powerful storm hit the coast in the winter of 1997-1998.

Shortly after the storm passed, locals discovered that hundreds of trunks had been dug out of the sand by the huge waves.

As it has appeared, it comes to the remains of an ancient 2000 years old forest.

13. Port Orford

port orford
Port Orford by Anita Ritenour/Flickr

If you are looking for the best beaches on the West Coast, you should definitely stop by Port Orford.

Located not far from sunny California, the little coastal paradise is well-known for its golden sands and lovely weather.

Except for its beaches, Port Oxford is also famous for its old beautiful lighthouse Cape Blanco, opened in 1870.

14. Multnomah Falls

multnomah falls
Multnomah Falls by Eddie Black/Flickr

With its 620 feet, Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oregon.

It is located within Mount Hood National Forest, in the northern part of the state.

It is definitely the most spectacular falls along the gorge of the Columbia River.

The most beautiful view of the waterfall reveals from the footbridge over the creek.

15. Timothy Lake

timothy lake
Timothy Lake by Bonnie Moreland/Flickr

If you are heading to Mount Hood National Forest, you should definitely stop by Timothy Lake.

The place is very beautiful and offers some really tempting pebble and rocky beaches along the shore.

On clear days, it offers a breathtaking view of Mount Hood. This is an attractive place for recreation.

16. Lost Creek Falls

lost creek falls
Lost Creek Falls by Nathan/Flickr

About two hours drive east of Coos Bay and one hour west of Roseburg there is a wonderful waterfall, which is not very popular even to the locals.

Quiet and steep but at the same time relatively easy mountain trail leads to Lost Creek Falls.

It is hidden in an isolated forested mountain area, at about 3,610 feet (approximately 1,100 meters) above sea level.

The entire length of the mountain trail in both directions is 2.7 miles (about 4.35 km).

17. Mount Thielsen

mount thielsen
Mount Thielsen by James St. John/Flickr

Mount Thielsen is often described as one of the best places for a day trip into the wild.

Being approximately 9,183 feet (2,799 m) high, it is a former volcano which has been affected by severe erosion under the influence of mountain glaciers.

It is considered to be inactive over the last 250,000 years.

You will find it in the Cascades, nearly 4 hours drive south of Portland.

18. Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve

oregon caves national monument and preserve
Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve by throgers/Flickr

Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve is a protected territory in the southwestern part of Oregon, not far from California.

It covers an area of 4,554 acres and offers great opportunities for tourism and photography.

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The most important tourist attraction in the area are the unique cave formations.

Another landmark is the Big Tree – a huge Duglas fir, whose trunk is about 13 feet wide (about 4 meters).

19. Tamanawas Falls

tamanawas falls
Tamanawas Falls by nosha/Flickr

Tamanawas Falls is located at the foot of Mount Hood.

Being fed by different sources, it is impressive in all four seasons but especially in late spring and early summer as a result of the intense snowmelt.

To reach the waterfall, you need to follow the Tamanawas Falls Trail, which is approximately 3.8 miles (6.1 km) long.

20. Trillium Lake

trillium lake
Trillium Lake by Darrell Wyatt/Flickr

Trillium Lake offers spectacular views of Mount Hood.

It is surrounded by dense pine forest and is a great place for rest and recreation into the wild.

It attracts tourists mostly during the summer season, with the largest flow of visitors in July and August. The lake is a great opportunity to escape the summer heat.

The beautiful Trillium Lake Loop Trail attracts a number of hikers.

21. Flounce Rock

flounce rock
Flounce Rock by BLMOW/Flickr

Flounce Rock is definitely far from being one of the most popular spots in Oregon.

However, if you are looking for a place to take really great panoramic pictures from, you should not miss it.

The peak is located in southwestern Oregon and rises to 4,200 feet above sea level (1,280 meters) and approximately 479 feet (146 meters) above the surrounding landscape.

22. Weisendanger Falls

weisendanger falls
Weisendanger Falls by Michael Moore/Flickr

Wiesendanger Falls is a scenic waterfall which can be found near the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon, upstream of the famous Multnomah Falls.

Approximately 50 feet (15 m) tall, the waterfall is surrounded by lush green rainforest.

The best time to visit the area is in late spring and early summer.

23. Silver Falls State Park

silver falls state park
Silver Falls State Park by Sathish J/Flickr

Silver Falls State Park is located 20 miles away from the city of Salem.

The area is not very remote but is still a well-kept secret. It is known for its exceptional natural beauty.

There are several extremely beautiful waterfalls in the area.

Following the 9-mile-long hiking trail, you will see the most beautiful spots in the area.

24. Blacklock Point

blacklock point
Blacklock Point by Ed Wrzesien/Flickr

Blacklock Point is a rugged forested headland on the south shore of Oregon.

It offers the opportunity to enjoy a 4.2-mile-long (6.8 km) hiking trail.

The protected area stretches north of Port Oxford and, according to nature lovers, offers some of the most beautiful and spectacular coastal views in the state.

25. Tumalo Falls

tumalo falls
Tumalo Falls by Nathan LeClair/Flickr

Tumalo Falls is located in central Oregon.

It falls within the limits of the Deschutes National Forest.

The waterfall is 97 feet tall (30 meters). There is a great observation platform near the waterfall.

You will find it following the 6.5-mile-long Tumalo Creek Trail, which is relatively easy and very popular with tourists.

26. Wildhorse Lake

wildhorse lake
Wildhorse Lake by Wildernice/Flickr

Quiet and secluded, Wildhorse Lake is a small and lovely lake, located in a secluded mountain area near the Nevada border in southeastern Oregon.

It is famous for its crystal clear ice-cold waters and the U-shaped canyon, carved by the glaciers.

This is a wonderful place if you want to spend some time far from it all, enjoying some fishing and relaxing long walks.

27. New River

new river
New River by BLMOW/Flickr

Located in the coastal parts of southern Oregon, the New River area is mostly covered by wetlands and grasslands.

It is well-known for its huge variety of birds, including some species of hummingbirds breeding here.

For this reason, this is a popular place for birdwatching, especially between May and September.

28. Eagle Cap Wilderness

eagle cap wilderness
Eagle Cap Wilderness by tjk/Flickr

Being the largest wild territory in the state, Eagle Cap Wilderness has remained mostly unchanged over the centuries.

Nowadays, it has a lot to offer to the wildlife lovers.

It is located in an isolated, remote and very sparsely populated area, not far from the Idaho border.

Here you can see bears, eagles, mountain lions and other species of wild animals.

29. Opal Creek / Cascada de Los Niños

cascada de los ninos
Cascada de Los Ninos by Bret Vogel/Flickr

Located just 50 miles southeast from Portland, Opal Creek is a large mountain creek which is known for its out of this world beauty.

Also known as Cascada de Los Niños, it is hidden in the Cascades and falls within the Willamette National Forest.

The area is known for its exceptionally old thees, some of which are more than a 1000 years old!

30. Mirror Lake

mirror lake
Mirror Lake by ca_heckler/Flickr

Mirror Lake is a family friendly place and as you can expect, it is known for its crystal clear waters and mirror surface.

It can be reached through a moderately busy hiking trail that crosses an extremely beautiful pine forest.

The lake is a great place for recreation, swimming, kayaking, boating and many others.

However, as it is of glacial origin, its waters remain a bit cold even in the middle of summer.

31. Elk Lake

Elk Lake is located in the central part of the Cascades.

It is 67 feet (19 meters) deep and the surface temperature reaches 70°F (21°C) during the late summer.

Its beautiful surroundings offer numerous camping and picnic opportunities.

The lake itself is very inviting for lovers of watersports, swimming and windsurfing.

32. Lost Lake

lost lake
Lost Lake by Ted/Flickr

Lost Lake is one of the most popular and beautiful lakes within the Mount Hood National Forest.

It is located at 3,146 ft (959 m) above sea level and is 167 ft (51 m) deep.

It is a popular place for recreation and water sports.

It is a tempting place to spend a few days into the wild, especially on hot summer days.

Its cool and refreshing waters can even be used for swimming.

33. The Hole

The hole is one of the most bizarre and difficult to explain phenomena in the United States.

It lies on the bottom of Lost Lake.

Every year the lake drains away, mysteriously disappearing through the hole. This is a phenomenon that still cannot be explained completely.

34. Heceta Lighthouse and Cape Creek Bridge

cape creek bridge
Cape Creek Bridge by Andrew E. Larsen/Flickr

One of the places that are really worth a visit along the coast of Oregon is Cape Creek Bridge.

Opened in 1932, nowadays it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the state.

You will find it not far from Heceta Lighthouse, which is another tourist attraction from 1894.

You will find the bridge and the lighthouse approximately 13 miles north of Florence.

35. Shore Acres State Park

shore acres state park
Shore Acres State Park by Rick Obst/Flickr

Shore Acres State Park was a private property until 1942.

Then the place was purchased by the state of Oregon and turned into a public park shortly afterwards.

Today, this paradise is known for its huge variety of plant species, many of which are brought from other parts of the world.

Most of them find the mild and humid climate in the region extremely favorable.

36. Kiger Canyon

kiger canyon
Kiger Canyon by BLMOW/Flickr

Kiger Canyon is located in southeastern Oregon.

Its specific U-shaped relief can be easily explained with the withdrawing of the glaciers.

The place is secluded and quiet, so it is great for recreation.

Here you can enjoy long walks, wild horses observing in their natural environment or just fishing along the shore of some small lake.

37. Thor’s Well

thor's well
Thor’s Well by Jeff Krause/Flickr

Thor’s Well is a natural phenomenon located in the area of Cape Perpetua.

The place is very beautiful, but it is also very dangerous at the same time.

20 feet deep, Thor’s Well is most dramatic on days with large waves.

The water erupts and then drains away very fast into the seemingly bottomless bowl shaped hole.

38. Little North Santiam

little north santiam
Little North Santiam by Thomas Shahan/Flickr

Known for its emerald waters and wonderful natural pools, Little North Santiam is one of the most attractive places to swim and bathe in Oregon.

Although its crystal clear waters are usually quite cold for most of the year, the temperature in July and August becomes rather comfortable.

Not far from the pools, you will find the beautiful Little North Santiam Trail, which is recommended to visit too.

39. Grayback Mountain

grayback mountain
Grayback Mountain by BLMOW/Flickr

Grayback Mountain is a paradise for hikers and hiking enthusiasts, but is little known outside the limits of the nearby counties.

For this reason, here you can find some privacy, which is difficult when visiting some more popular tourist attractions.

At its highest point, the plateau rises to 7,048 feet (2,148 meters) above sea level.

Grayback Mountains are known for offering some really exciting tourist trails and dense pine forests.

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40. Applegate Valley

applegate valley
Applegate Valley by ANDREA JANDA/Flickr

If you are a wine lover, the Applegate Valley is a popular and recommended destination to visit.

It is located in the sunniest southern parts of the state. In fact, part of the valley even falls within the borders of the neighboring state of California.

Different types of wines are created here. You will find not only traditional grape varieties but also berry wines and many others.

41. Fourmile Lake

rye spur trail near fourmile lake
Rye Spur Trail near Fourmile Lake by Michael McCullough/Flickr

Fourmile Lake is a reservoir, which is more than 100 years old.

It is located in the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon.

Surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, it is an attractive place for fishing and recreation.

Here you will find numerous hiking trails that lead to some of the most beautiful places in this part of the state.

42. Wood River

wood river
Wood River by BLMOW/Flickr

Wood River is located in the southern part of Oregon and is considered the most scenic river within the limits of the state.

It is also one of the best places to observe birds in their natural habitat.

Here you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities, including canoeing, fishing and walking.

43. Clear Lake

clear lake
Clear Lake by Thomas Shahan/Flickr

Clear Lake is a beautiful mountain lake located in the central parts of Oregon.

You will find it in Linn County, about 64 miles (103 km) east of Lebanon.

It is known for its crystal clear waters and underwater visibility of almost 200 feet (61 meters).

The lake is extremely cold and not suitable for swimming. However, it is a great choice for canoeing, kayaking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

44. Oneonta Gorge

oneonta gorge
Oneonta Gorge by Michael Matti/Flickr

Oneonta Gorge is often mentioned as one of the most interesting and scenic gorges in the United States.

It is located in the northern part of Mount Hood National Forest, just south of the Columbia River.

Even if not very long, the route through the narrow, deep and shady canyon is very difficult.

The rocks are almost always wet and quite slippery, and the river with a depth of about 3 – 4 feet (approximately 1 meter on average) covers the entire bottom of the gorge at some points.

45. Crescent Beach

crescent beach
Crescent Beach by Mac H (media601)/Flickr

Crescent Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in Oregon.

You will find it not far to the north of Cannon Beach.

Although the tourist trail to Crescent Beach is quite heavily trafficked (especially during the summer season), the beach is huge, so it usually looks very quiet and secluded.

46. Three Sisters

the three sisters
The Three Sisters by Jordi Guzmán/Flickr

The Three Sisters are three volcanic mountain peaks that are ranged in a line with a very small distance from each other.

They are situated in the Cascade Mountains in central Oregon and are one of the natural landmarks of the state.

The lowest of them is 10,052 feet (almost 3,064 meters) and the highest is approximately 10,363 ft (3,158.5 m)!

During the winter months the entire area is covered with deep snow so the best time to come here is in summer.

47. Obsidian Flow

the obsidian flow
The Obsidian Flow by Tjflex2/Flickr

The Obsidian Flow is a vast field of black obsidian rocks with a total length of 1.6 miles ( almost 2.6 km).

It is a popular tourist attraction in the central part of Oregon and is one of the most obvious evidences of recent volcanic activity in the state.

The Obsidian Flow is approximately 1300 years old and is located within the borders of the Deschutes National Forest.

48. Diamond Lake

diamond lake
Diamond Lake by LDELD/Flickr

Diamond Lake is a wonderful mountain oasis within Umpqua National Forest, not far to the north of the popular Crater Lake.

The west shore reveals a breathtaking view of the majestic Mount Thielsen (9,183 ft / 2,799 m).

As there is a wonderful small resort along the north-east shore, Diamond Lake offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation.

49. Wolf Rock

wolf rock
Wolf Rock by Jeff Hite/Flickr

Wolf Rock is a huge monolith which is one of the lesser known but very interesting natural landmarks of Oregon.

You will find it in an isolated area of the Cascading Mountains, in the south-east part of Linn County.

The area of the majestic rock is very attractive to hikers as it remains away from the beaten tourist routes.

Its peak rises to 4535 ft / 1382 m above sea level, and the prominence of the rock above the surrounding landscape is around 1000 feet (305 meters).

50. Salt Creek Falls

salt creek falls
Salt Creek Falls by David Mark/Pixabay

The spectacular Salt Creek Falls is the third tallest in Oregon after Multnomah and Watson Falls.

It descends quickly into a deep and shady gorge from a height of 293 feet (89 meters).

The waterfall offers an observation platform at the northern side as well as a comfortable parking lot at the eastern side.

There is a path that leads to the foot of the waterfall but you must be extremely careful and never enter the water here! This is very dangerous, not to mention the depth of 66 feet (20 meters)!

51. Painted Hills

the painted hills
The Painted Hills by seattleforge/Flickr

The Painted Hills are a geological formation in a remote area of Wheeler County, in the central part of Oregon.

Located approximately 9 miles north-west of the small town of Mitchell, the natural phenomenon is known for its extraordinary colors, such as red, golden, orange, beige, brown, white and many others.

The hills are up to 154 ft (47 meters) high and cover nearly 3,132 acres.

Although the area is a bit isolated, the trip to the Painted Hills is really worth it.

52. Ramona Falls

ramona falls
Ramona Falls by Eddie Black/Flickr

Ramona Falls is a remarkable waterfall, located in the northern parts of Oregon, on the north-west slopes of Mount Hood.

You will find it at approximately 3,560 feet (1,090 meters) above sea level, hidden in the dense emerald-green rainforest. The cold water descends from a height of 120 feet (37 m).

The tourist trail that leads to the waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful but also among the most dangerous in the country.

53. Sandy River

sandy river
Sandy River by BLMOW/Flickr

The Sandy River Basin (a tributary of the Columbia River) is located in the northern Cascade Mountains, between Portland and Mount Hood.

The surrounding area is an attractive place for tourism and recreation. Here you can enjoy backpacking, hiking and recreational fishing.

The area is known for its rich biodiversity. In 1988, the river was included in the list of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, which aims to protect areas of unique natural beauty.

54. White River Falls

white river falls
White River Falls by Amy Meredith/Flickr

White River Falls is a beautiful stepped waterfall located in a desert area in northern Oregon.

It falls within the limits of the eponymous state park. The place is known for having an extremely dry climate, which is not typical for the otherwise humid state.

The reason behind the dryer climate is that the area falls in the rain shadow of Mount Hood.

The surrounding canyon is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the native unique flora, including desert species of flowers and shrubs.

55. Pacific Crest Trail

pacific crest trail
Pacific Crest Trail by Al Case/Flickr

The Pacific Crest Trail is probably one of the very best tourist trails in the United States.

It crosses the entire territory of the state of Oregon from south to north, coming from California and continuing on the territory of Washington.

Its length within the state is 455 miles (732 km), and the route includes places of outstanding natural beauty.

56. Vista House and Crown Point

vista house and crown point
Vista House and Crown Point by Wayne Hsieh/Flickr

Vista House is an observatory located east of Portland, on a site with a unique panorama.

The place is known as Crown Point and rises approximately 733 feet (223 meters) above the gorge of Columbia River.

The construction of Vista House started in 1915. The Art Nouveau-style building was created by the talented architect Edgar M. Lazarus.

57. Witch’s Castle

witch's castle
Witch’s Castle by Marie/Flickr

Witch’s Castle is located in a wooded area in west Portland, a few hundred meters west of Kings Heights and north of Adams Community Gardens.

The ghost stone ruins of an old building are associated with numerous creepy urban legends (including legends of murders).

In fact, the place is a former bathroom, hit by a powerful storm in the early 60s. In the 80’s the stone building was rediscovered by local students.

The imagination of the young people marked the beginning of legends, which turned the former bathroom into an interesting tourist attraction.

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58. Castle on the Hill

castle on the hill
Castle on the Hill by Rick Obst/Flickr

The Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, better known to locals as “Castle on the Hill” is an extremely beautiful and elegant historical building.

It was built in Queen Anne style in 1888. The architect of the manor is the talented Walter D. Pugh.

You will find the mansion in the heart of Eugene, on the south bank of the River Willamette.

59. Bagby Hot Springs

bagby hot springs
Bagby Hot Springs by MrPants/Flickr

If you love bathing in hot mineral water, Bagby Hot Springs is considered one of the best places to visit in Oregon.

It is located 67 miles (108 km) south-east of the downtown of Portland.

To reach the springs, you need to follow a beautiful forest trail. The route is quite tempting in summer when you can enjoy the dense pleasant shade of Mount Hood National Forest.

The water temperature reaches 138°F (almost 59°C).

60. Harris Beach

harris beach
Harris Beach by Jody Valente/Flickr

Located near the California border, Harris Beach is one of Oregon’s sunniest and warmest beaches.

It enjoys a much better climate in comparison with most of the other coastal areas of Oregon, mainly because of its location in the southernmost part of the state.

Harris Beach is known for its rich variety of marine life and is easily recognizable because of its numerous rock formations and large tidal pools.

61. Elowah Falls

elowah falls
Elowah Falls by Paul Weeks/Flickr

With a height of 213 feet (65 m), Elowah Falls is among the most impressive waterfalls in the state of Oregon.

You will find it in the northern part of the Cascade Mountains, not far from the south bank of the Columbia River.

Also known as McCord Creek Falls, it offers one of the most scenic landscapes along the Columbia River Gorge and is a particularly attractive place to visit during the late spring.

62. Paulina Lake

paulina lake
Paulina Lake by LDELD/Flickr

Paulina Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in central Oregon.

It lies at approximately 6,331 feet (1,930 m) above sea level and is one of the highest lakes in the state.

It is surrounded by a very beautiful coniferous forest, and the surrounding mountain ridges reveal an exciting panorama.

63. Paulina Falls

paulina falls
Paulina Falls by Tjflex2/Flickr

Not far from Paulina Lake, you will find a wonderful waterfall, which is famous for its beauty and breathtaking panoramic views.

The waterfall has been formed on the outer wall of a volcanic caldera, in which Lake Paulina itself is located.

It drops from a height of 80 feet. Because of its altitude above sea level, the best time to visit the waterfall is in summer.

The main disadvantage is that the area could be heavily trafficked during the tourist season.

64. Devil’s Staircase

devil's staircase
Devil’s Staircase by Andrew Kumler/Facebook

If you want to visit a really remote and secluded place, the Devil’s Staircase is what you need.

According to many, this is probably the most beautiful and untouched spot in Oregon.

The extraordinary shaped waterfall is situated very deep in the mountain forests of western Oregon.

The closest settlements are the small villages of Scottsburg and Green Acres, which lie 5 miles southeast in a straight line.

You should know that there is not a paved road to the waterfall so you should walk through the dense forest for hours.

The waterfall is extremely unpopular due to its difficult accessibility. It has become more famous with experienced hikers only recently.

65. The Crooked River and Smith Rock State Park

the crooked river and smith rock state park
The Crooked River and Smith Rock State Park by Jonathan/Flickr

The Crooked River offers some of the most scenic landscapes in Oregon in the area where it runs through the Smith Rock State Park.

You will find this magical place in the vicinity of Terrebonne, not far from the towns of Redmond and Prineville.

The river has formed spectacular curves here so don’t forget your camera!

This is an attractive place for tourism and recreation.

66. Devil’s Punchbowl State Natural Area

devil's punchbowl
Devil’s Punchbowl by Al Case/Flickr

Devil’s Punchbowl is a giant hole in the rocks along the scenic northwest coast of Oregon.

You will find the place in Lincoln County, between the cities of Depoe Bay and Newport.

According to scientists, it has been formed as a result of the collapse of two coastal caves.

Because of the specific structure of the dramatic rock formation, waves enter the hole and then suddenly the Devil’s Punchbowl erupts as a volcano of seawater.

67. Nehalem Bay State Park

nehalem bay state park
Nehalem Bay State Park by Geoffrey Franklin/Flickr

Established in 1972, Nehalem Bay State Park is one of the preferred recreation areas in the northwestern part of Oregon.

It is a great opportunity to spend some time in the wild, enjoying cycling, horse riding or picnicking.

The park is known for its rich biodiversity and for its impressive coastal sandy dunes.

68. Twin Rocks, Rockaway Beach

twin rocks, rockaway beach
Twin Rocks, Rockaway Beach by Thomas Shahan/Flickr

Two basalt rocks of the same name are one of the main tourist attractions along the scenic northern coast of Oregon.

Twin Rock is located half a mile off the sandy shore of the community of Twin Rock (right next to the south of Rockaway Beach) and is especially beautiful at sunset.

It is easily recognizable, which explains why the coastal community has been named after them.

69. Baker Beach

Baker Beach is a miles long stretch of fantastic golden sands.

It lies on the coast of the Siuslaw National Forest, to the north of Heceta Beach.

It is a great example of why Oregon’s coast is sometimes so much more attractive than California, especially with people searching for privacy.

The beach is easy to reach from Florence and Heceta Beach.

As this place is surrounded by protected areas, here you will find countless natural beauties, including the wonderful coastal Lake Lily.

70. Proposal Rock

proposal rock
Proposal Rock by Ian Agrimis/Flickr

Covered with trees and surrounded by endless sandy beaches, the Proposal Rock rises on the shores of Neskowin.

It is actually a small island and is one of the symbols of the tourist town.

It became popular with tourists during the 1970s and has been attracting visitors for decades.

The place is a very good choice if you want to take really remarkable photos.

71. Umpqua Hot Springs

umpqua hot springs
Umpqua Hot Springs by Mitchell Friedman/Flickr

Umpqua Hot Spring is a very tempting place, especially on cold autumn or winter days.

It offers natural hot pools carved into the rocks.

The temperature of the water is 112°F (more than 44°C), no matter the season.

You can even soak in two of them, of course, if you don’t worry because of the other people around the pools.

This place reveals an amazing panoramic view of the river at the foot of the slope.

72. The Pillars of Rome

the pillars of rome
The Pillars of Rome by Bonnie Moreland/Flickr

The Pillars of Rome is a geologic formation in southeastern Oregon.

Because of its remoteness and lack of settlements nearby, the place is difficult to reach.

However, it is worth a visit because of its unique natural beauty.

The rock formation is surrounded by deserts and semi-desert landscapes.

The extraordinary rocky wall is 100 feet (30.5 m) high and approximately 8 miles (912.9 km) long. From afar it resembles the ruins of an ancient Roman city.

73. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland

crystal springs rhododendron garden
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden by jeiline/Flickr

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is an oasis of beauty and tranquility in the heart of Portland.

The place is one of the best opportunities for recreation and relaxation in the city.

Due to the huge variety of flowers, trees and shrubs, the park is preferred for summer weddings and other outdoor social events.

As the garden is a mosaic of green areas and ponds, it attracts numerous waterfowl.

74. Skylight Cave

skylight cave
Skylight Cave by Thomas Shahan/Flickr

Skylight Cave is considered by many one of the most beautiful caves in the American Northwest.

It is located within the Deschutes National Forest and is about 1,017 feet (310 m) long.

The cave is of volcanic origin. It attracts many visitors because of its extraordinary appearance.

It is easily recognizable because of the three holes on the ceiling which provide sunlight inside the cave.

75. Lava Butte

lava butte
Lava Butte by Q Myers/Public domain

Located in Central Oregon, Lava Butte is a volcanic cone which falls within the Deschutes National Forest.

The last eruption of the dormant volcano dates back to 7,000 years ago.

It talks about the intense volcanic activity in the area in the past.

The crater is 509 feet (155 meters) high and the depth of the caldera is about 60 feet (20 meters).