9 Cons of Living on a Private Island

Private Island coral reef

Have you ever considered to change your life and to move on a paradise island?

It sounds like a dream come true, right?

But if you think for a while about it, you may discover that living on a tropical island is not always so romantic as it may seems.

Atolls are probably the most beautiful, and probably most of the islands for sale fall into this category.

However, they are at a higher risk of natural disasters, and the reason it their geographic location, topography and specifics.

If you have already decided to create your own private paradise far from it all, you should consider first all the negative sides of your choice, and of course, to find a good decision or at least to try to find one.

1. Risk of tsunami

Private Island coral reef
Private Island coral reef by Roderick Eime

If you live on a private island the risk of tsunami is much higher than if you were living on the mainland.

Of course, some areas of the planet are exposed to a greater risk of tsunami than others.

Also, it is very important what altitude above sea level the island has.

For example, most of the atolls are only 5 – 10 meters above sea level maximum, which means they are not safe in similar situations.

Of course, there are no completely safe coastal areas around the world but still the risk for the people living on low lying coral islands in the ocean is incomparably higher.

2. Rising ocean level

The rising ocean level is another one of the hazards of living on an island but only if it comes to an atoll because they have insignificant altitude.

Some small islands in the Pacific have been depopulated after the rising ocean gradually flooded them partially or entirely.

If you consider to buy a private island and if it comes to an atoll, then you should consider all the existing risks.

3. Tropical storms

If you are living on a tropical island, you probably already know how scary is to learn about an approaching tropical storm.

Especially frightening is the feeling if the island is an atoll.

As they are located in the tropics, most of them are at a very high risk of tropical storms (hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons).

Considering the fact that most of the tropical atolls barely reach 5 – 9 meters, they are especially vulnerable.

4. Limited area

For most people the idea of living on a tropical island sounds really tempting.

However, for you is better to be a realist person because, let’s be honest, it is not always so romantic as you may think.

Very soon people who are not used to such kind of lifestyle will probably feel the natural limitations which the island puts.

Wherever you go, you are always surrounded by the sea, and some people say they really don’t like this feeling.

Of course, if the island is bigger the problem won’t be so obvious.

5. Stress caused by isolation

Private Island transport
Private Island transport by Nattu

Smaller islands are usually rarely populated. In some cases, when it comes to private islands, which are owned by a single person or a family, is completely possible to have only a few people living there.

Living alone is a dream come true for most people. However, it could be also a bit stressing for some people.

Initially, you will probably feel better by the lack of crowds but gradually people will start missing you.

If you want to try what will be and if it is possible, try to spend as a tourist a few weeks or even months on an isolated island..

6. Loss of social skills

Yes, it sounds a bit strange but in fact living on an isolated island could gradually ruin your social skills.

This is actually completely normal because in most cases we build our social abilities step by step, day by day and year after year.

Even if you are living in a close proximity to a bigger and more populous island, and if you often go there to buy some goods, to visit the dentist or just if you need a new haircut for example, the contact with people on a daily basis will be generally lost.

Yes, the social medias will compensate this to some extent but this is definitely not enough.

Let say you live in London.

Just going to the supermarket, to the university or to the office for example, you meet thousands of people.

On a private island would be different.

You will see only the people that visit you or bring something to you.

7. The cost of living is very high

You probably already know that the cost of living in many aspects is much higher than it would be if you were living in a big city on the mainland.

Just think for a second and imagine how many different kinds of food, household products, clothes and others we use on a daily basis.

And then just imagine that most of them should be imported from very far, especially if you live somewhere in the Pacific.

To live on your own private island sounds fantastic but most of the good will be probably much more expensive than you could imagine.

8. If you need urgent medical care

tropical beach
Tropical beach by Montse PB

One of the biggest risks of living on a private island comes from the lack of fast and qualified urgent medical care.

If you live alone or with your family and if something happen to you, for example an accident in the bathroom or something like that, you probably will need to visit a doctor urgently.

Living on a private island, however, suggests that you will be very far from the closest emergency center.

This is one more thing you should think about very well in advance.

9. You need your own transport

Yes, you probably wоn’t need a car. In most cases however, people have to take care of their transport from and to the mainland or at least to the closest large island.

Boats, yachts or even small planes are the options you have to choose from.

It all depends on what are your financial opportunities.

However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

To live on a private island brings some risks and negatives, and still, nothing is more pleasant and inspiring.

After all, your everyday life will be less stressful, you will have much better control over your social life and social contacts.

You will be able to create your own paradise there, and you will definitely feel like the king of your small kingdom.