20 Best Things to Do in Skopelos (Greece)

limnonari beach

Situated just 20 km off the coast of Thessalia, Skopelos is considered the island with the most beautiful pebble beaches in the world.

In contrast with most of the other Aegean islands, it is covered with dense pine and olive forests.

If your top priorities are beautiful and ecologically clean nature, privacy and pristine beaches, most Greek people would recommend you to visit Skopelos.

If you choose to spend your next holiday on the island, here is what not to miss while there:

1. Spend a day at Panormos Beach

panormos beach
Panormos beach by Pinterest

One of the most attractive places to visit in Skopelos is the popular Panormos Beach.

Situated in the innermost part of a picturesque bay on the west coast of the island, the beach is just wonderful.

It is a puzzle of cobalt-blue and azure water, white pebbles and emerald green forests.

You can find the scenic beach about 12 km west of the main village of Skopelos, on the opposite side of the island.

2. Visit the well-known Saint John’s Chapel

saint john's chapel
Saint John’s Chapel by Pinterest

The chapel of Saint John became very popular after scenes of the musical “Mamma Mia” were filmed here.

It is easy to understand the choice of the filmmakers considering how unique this place is.

The building of the chapel itself is beautiful but what impresses the most is its location.

It is nestled between large and old trees, on the very top of a small rocky peninsula, in the northwestern part of the island.

The only way to get there is through the narrow winding stairway which leads to the top.

3. Enjoy a cup of morning coffee and breakfast in Glossa

glossa village
Glossa Village by Pinterest

Glossa is the second largest village in Skopelos.

Situated not far from the west coast, it is well-known for its wonderful architecture, small craft shops, cozy tavernas and quiet winding streets.

Its whitewashed buildings are situated on the steep hills overlooking the sea.

The best time to visit the village is early in the morning.

You can easily find a nice panoramic restaurant to have a cup of coffee and breakfast while enjoying the breathtaking view to Skiathos and Thessalia.

4. Follow some of the signed forest trail from Skopelos

forest view of skopelos
Forest view of Skopelos by Eidde Neaj/Flickr

One of the most recommended experiences while on the island is to take a long walk in the interior of this Aegean paradise.

Most of the popular signed forest trails start from the village of Skopelos and lead to different worth-visiting areas of the island.

The most popular are Skopelos-Stafilos, Skopelos-Agnontas and Skopelos-Glisreri.

They are all different but with no matter what your choice is, you can’t go wrong.

All of them pass through some of the most wonderful places of the island.

5. Kayaking along the coast

kayaking along the coast
Kayaking along the coast by John Karakatsanis/Flickr

Kayaking is one of the most recommended experiences in Skopelos.

The island offers the perfect conditions for this purpose, including smooth sea waters, secluded coves and guaranteed nice weather.

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Of course, you will get the most of your adventure if you are accompanied by an experienced guide.

According to many travelers, this is the most recommended outdoor activity on the island.

6. Visit the Folklore Museum of Skopelos

folklore museum of skopelos
Folklore Museum of Skopelos by skopelos.net

Located in a wonderful 18th century building, the Folklore Museum of Skopelos is a really worth visiting place.

It is one of the most exciting sites in the capital of the beautiful Aegean island.

It offers a large collection of artefacts from different periods of the history of Greece.

The museum talks about the culture and lifestyle of the island.

Especially interesting are the oldest sculptures and the works from prehistoric times.

7. Visit the popular Kastani Beach

kastani beach
Kastani beach by Facebook

Kastani Beach is one more place where parts of the musical “Mamma Mia” were filmed.

Except for being famous because of the popular production from the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, this place is attractive because of its scenic beauty.

Limpid azure waters and mix of white sands and small pebbles impress the visitors from all around the world.

Green pine forests reach the coast itself and offer tempting shadow to enjoy on scorching summer days.

8. Boat trip to Alonnisos

alonnisos island
Alonnisos Island by Karen Eliot/Flickr

Less than 5 kilometers of cobalt blue waters separate the islands of Skopelos and Alonnisos so it takes less than an hour to reach by boat the hidden gem of the Sporades.

The island is really worth visiting because of its natural beauty.

Similar to Skopelos, it offers a number of pristine beaches and charming villages.

In addition, it is covered by forests too, so it is very green and pleasant to walk around.

You can visit some of the lively villages or to ask your guide to let you enjoy some quiet and empty paradise beach.

9. Visit the oldest church in Skopelos

church of agios athanasios
Church of Agios Athanasios by John Karakatsanis/Flickr

Considering the fact that Skopelos has less than 5000 residents, the number of churches is surprisingly big.

There are about 360 churches, chapels, monasteries and other religious buildings on the territory of the island.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to visit them all during your summer holiday in Skopelos.

Some of them, however, are really recommended.

One of the most interesting is the church of Agios Athanasios.

It dates back to the 11th century and is the oldest church on the island.

You can find it in the Kastro area.

10. Try local prunes

Prunes by Matteo X/Flickr

Skopelos is well-known with the production of different varieties of plums, including red, black and yellow.

Moreover, the island enjoys a world fame because of its top quality prunes.

They are not only considered some of the best in Europe but are also popular for the health benefits they bring as well as for their exceptional nutritional qualities and healing properties.

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11. Boat trip to Skiathos

skiathos island
Skiathos Island by Anders Ljungberg/Flickr

Skiathos is a beautiful island and in addition is located less than 10 km west of Skopelos.

If you have more days available in Skopelos and want to make the most of your holiday, Skiatos is more than a good idea.

It offers a lot of things to see and do.

At the same time, it is an affordable destination which means you don’t need to worry if you are on a budget.

It offers a number of scenic beaches, old churches and beautiful villages to visit.

12. Feel the taste of the popular Skopelos’ almonds

skopelos almonds
Skopelos’ almonds by Paul Sableman/Flickr

If you love nuts, don’t miss to try local almonds.

They are considered some of the most delicious in Europe and are an important export good.

They are well known for having a number of healthy properties.

If you are allowed to eat nuts, don’t miss to have at least one healthy snacks.

This is a great choice of food to charge your batteries while walking for hours around the wonderful villages and towns of the island.

The almonds of Skopelos are considered to have a really rich taste and are full of vitamins, micro and macro nutrients.

13. Climb Mount Delphi

view from mount delphi
View from Mount Delphi by Costas Andreou

Mount Delphi is only 681 meters high but it offers breathtaking panorama toward almost the entire island.

Especially beautiful is the view toward Neo Klima on the western coast of the island.

You can see the village which is nestled in the foot of the green forested slopes.

The walk to the top is an amazing adventure so you definitely won’t regret.

Following the shady forest trails, you will see some of the most beautiful natural sites of the island.

14. Enjoy the turquoise waters of Paralia Amarantos

paralia amarantos
Paralia Amarantos by Pinterest

Paralia Amarantos is located in the southernmost part of Skopelos.

It offers mostly rocky coast but the water is just breathtaking.

Its turquoise colors are irresistible and people come here to dip into the lagoon at least once while they are on the island.

The place is great for swimming and snorkeling because of the incredible underwater visibility reaching 40 – 50 meters.

The Caribbean blue waters attract visitors from April / May till October.

15. Visit the scenic Milia Beach

milia beach
Milia beach

Milia Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

It is located on the west coast and combines sapphire-blue waters, white coarse sand and wonderful pine forests just next to the shore.

Because of its Caribbean blue waters and visibility under water of about 40 meters, it is a real paradise for people who love swimming, snorkeling and all other kinds of water sports.

Once visiting this place, Milia Beach will definitely become your most favourite place on the island.

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16. Visit Skopelos Dive Center

skopelos dive center
Skopelos Dive Center by Asriel Saporta/YouTube

If you want to get the most of your holiday on the island, it is recommended to visit the popular Skopelos Dive Center.

Here you can choose from a wide range of adventures, including cruises, scuba diving at more distanced and isolated places, snorkeling and many others.

One of the opportunities is to dive in the waters of the Marine National Park of the Northern Sporades.

This is your chance to see by your own the great variety of species of sea creatures in the area.

17. Enjoy the crystal waters of Stafilos Beach

stafilos beach
Stafilos beach by Fif’/Flickr

If you want to find and enjoy some of the most limpid waters in Skopelos, you should visit the village of Stafilos on the southern coast of the island.

Because of the mostly rocky bottom, the sea water is the most clear you can imagine and its emerald color is irresistible.

The beach is covered by little pebbles and coarse sand with light color.

The hills over the sand stripe are green and very steep.

18. Snorkeling at Limnonari Beach

limnonari beach
Limnonari beach by Giannis Arvanitakis/Flickr

Limnonari Beach is a good choice if you love to snorkel.

It offers very limpid and deep emerald waters just next to the shore.

Another advantage is that visibility under the sea surface is about 30 or 40 meters.

The bottom is covered by small pebbles.

There is a great variety of species of fish and other sea creatures.

The sand stripe is mixed with small white pebbles.

Consider the fact that the beach may not be the most appropriate for families with kids as the water along the coast is deep.

19. Lovely day in Neo Klima and dinner in Manolis Tavern

neo klima
Neo Klima

Located on the west coast of Skopelos, Neo Klima is a beautiful small village which is a great choice to spend a quality day in every aspect.

First of all, here you will find the well-known Hovos Beach, which is located just south of the village.

The small coastal settlement is also known for its beautiful church and charming harbour.

But probably the top attraction of the village is the Manolis Tavern, which is well-known all around the island for its incredible seafood.

20. Discover one of the most impressive monasteries

monastery of agia barbara
Monastery of Agia Barbara by Herbert wie/CC-BY-SA-4.0

According to travelers, one of the most beautiful and recommended monasteries to visit on the island is Agia Barbara.

It is located not far from the village of Skopelos, in the eastern part of the island.

It is considered to be not only the most interesting but also the oldest of all the monasteries on the island.

Reminding of an old castle, the monastery was built in 1648.

It is scenically situated on the green wooded slopes overlooking the Aegean Sea.