21 Best Things to Do in Evia (Greece)

dimosari gorge

Not many people think of Evia (also called Euboea) when it comes to summer vacations.

It is an island that offers excellent opportunities but is less well-known and is therefore underrated to some extent.

At the same time, the island is the second largest in Greece after Crete and offers a really great diversity in every respect.

Not to mention the close proximity of the Greek capital Athens.

The coastline of the island offers hundreds of outstanding beaches.

Numerous small villages are scattered around the mountainous interior.

Centuries-old monasteries lie under the thick shade of the dense forests that cover most of the island.

1. Visit Gregolimano Beach

gregolimano beach
Gregolimano beach by Pinterest

Gregolimano Beach is a recommended place for beach lovers.

It is located in the northern part of Evia and stretches along the sheltered western coast.

With its clear and shallow waters, this is a great choice if you travel with your family and kids.

Gregolimano offers a very specific triangle shape and is usually busy but not too much.

It is known for its fine golden sand.

The beach offers all the needed facilities and is a preferred spot for sun seekers from across Europe.

2. Walk to Drimona Waterfall

drimona waterfall
Drimona Waterfall by Nicolas Stamatiou/YouTube

If you love nature, one of the most recommended places to visit during your stay on the island of Evia is Drimona Waterfall.

It is located in a shady and cool forested area, in one of the most beautiful parts of the island.

Surrounded by the lush coniferous and deciduous forests in the mountains of northern Evia, the waterfall can be found at approximately 600 meters above sea level, 5 km south of the village of Kerasia.

April and May is the best time to visit the waterfall.

This is the period with the deepest waters as well as the season when the forest is most beautiful.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy the love songs of local birds.

3. Discover the beauty of Lichadonisia Islands

lichadonisia islands
Lichadonisia Islands by al3x_dc/Flickr

Lichadonisia is a small group of islands right next to the northwestern tip of Evia.

The small paradise is covered by olive trees and offers wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters.

Even if a bit crowded during the summer season, Lichadonisia is really worth a visit because of its natural beauty.

Here you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe or dive.

The weather is warm from early May till late October and the sea surface is always smooth.

4. Enjoy the turquoise waters of Thapsa Beach

thapsa beach
Thapsa beach by Twitter

Thapsa Beach is located in a deeply incised bay on the eastern coast of Evia.

The beach is one of the top places to visit on the island and is a place of unique natural beauty.

It is known for its extremely clear turquoise waters and mirrored surface.

Being remote and secluded, the beach is very calm even in the height of summer.

There are very few settlements in the area, and for this reason nature is very well preserved.

The only drawback is that the location is difficult to access in terms of transport.

5. Visit some of the best wineries

lykos winery
Lykos winery by Facebook

Some local varieties of wine enjoy international popularity.

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Deep color, rich aroma and easily recognizable taste are the most specific features of local wine.

The best way to taste a traditional product of high quality is to visit some of the famous local wineries.

Among the most popular are Vriniotis and Lykos.

Vriniotis is located in the northwest of the island, in the outskirts of the beautiful small village of Gialtra.

Lykos, on the other side, is located about 7 km southeast of Vasiliko, in the area of Chalkis.

However, on the island there are many other wineries which are a very good choice too.

If you love good wines, you can’t go wrong with visiting Tzivani (located in the area of Chalkis) and Avantis Estate (in Mitikas area, not far from Nea Lampsakos).

6. Visit Agia Kyriaki Church

agia kyriaki church
Agia Kyriaki Church by TripAdvisor

Agia Kyriaki Church is located in a mountainous area in the interior of Evia.

The surrounding area is very beautiful.

It offers beautiful deciduous forests and crystal clear cold mountain streams.

Agia Kyriaki’s most distinctive feature is the way the church fits into the natural environment.

If you want to reconnect with yourself and need some privacy, you will find it here, with no matter what your faith is.

7. Hiking at Steni Forest

steni forest
Steni forest by Pinterest

Steni Forest is considered by many the most beautiful on the island of Evia.

It covers the southern slopes of Dirfis Mountain, in the central-most part of the elongated Mediterranean island.

Crossed by wonderful eco-paths, Steni Forest offers you the opportunity to spend the entire day walking in the coniferous and broad leaved forests, breathing the crystal clear mountain air.

8. Explore the beaches of Kalamos

the beaches of kalamos
The beaches of Kalamos by YouTube

Kalamos is a small village on the east coast of Evia.

The little settlement, however, offers a few wonderful turquoise water beaches.

The coastal cliffs are scenic so you will definitely have a lot to see.

If you are looking for clear and limpid waters, this is actually the best place to visit on the island of Evia.

The beach is rarely busy and you can see crowds only during the months of July and August.

9. See the colourful pebbles at Pefki Beach

pefki beach
Pefki beach by Agnee/Flickr

You may have heard of the notorious Pefki Beach in northern Evia Island.

The place is known for the small pebbles in different colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange and many others.

Of course, you shouldn’t take from these pebbles as this could have a negative effect on the environment.

Instead, if you want to remember this place for a long time, you can take a number of extraordinary pictures.

10. Diving at Petalioi Islands

petalioi islands
Petalioi Islands by Wikiwand

It is easy to find a good diving and snorkeling agency while walking around Chalcis.

This is not surprising, especially considering the fact that most of them are based or at least have their representatives in the city.

If you want to find a diving spot that is really worth a visit, however, you should head to the south of Evia and visit the island of Petalioi.

Surrounded by a few smaller and very beautiful islets, it offers limpid azure waters and rich diversity of marine creatures.

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11. Visit Saint David Monastery

st. david monastery
St. David Monastery by TripAdvisor

The Monastery of St. David of Evia is located in the northwestern part of the island.

It is about 500 meters above sea level in a beautiful mountainous area.

The monastery is easy to reach through some of the roads that cross the surrounding deciduous forest.

The monastery was founded in 1540 by St. David of Evia.

The place was not chosen by chance by the saint.

The massive stone structure was built where in the 15th century the Ottomans destroyed another Christian temple.

12. Discover the wonderful Great Sand Beach

great sand beach
Great Sand Beach by YouTube

On the southwest coast of Evia, not far from the village of Agia Marina, in the area of Marmari, you will find a wonderful white sand beach.

Its name is Great Sand Beach and is known for its white stretch of sand.

As it is quite isolated, it is a good opportunity for people who need some solitude and privacy.

Here you will rarely see people, even during the busiest months of the year.

The water is clear and azure, and there are no facilities such as sun beds or umbrellas.

13. Visit the Dragonhouses of Styra

dragonhouses of styra
Dragonhouses of Styra by Twitter

Dragonhouses of Styra is a complex of ancient stone buildings of religious importance.

The place dates back to the 7th century BC and is located in the beautiful mountainous area of Southern Evia.

The stone structures are made of limestone and surrounded by a dense deciduous forest.

There are different theories about their purpose, but one of the most popular is that this place was built as a sanctuary for Zeus or Hera.

14. Explore the Dimosari Gorge

dimosari gorge
Dimosari Gorge by Georgios Liakopoulos/Flickr

Dimosari Gorge is a must for people who love to explore the beauty of nature.

Located in the southern parts of Evia, this place is quite isolated.

That’s why it remains quite secluded and quiet even during the busiest summer season.

The area is covered by dense forests.

Tourist trails pass through the most beautiful places.

Shady and cool, the area offers very good opportunities for people who want to relieve stress.

Cool mountain river runs through the canyon and attracts visitors with its waterfalls.

15. Don’t miss Agii Apostoli Beach

agii apostoli beach
Agii Apostoli Beach by TheVRChris/Flickr

One of the beaches you should not miss while on the island is called Agii Apostoli.

Several golden sandy beaches are located in the vicinity of the village of the same name, on the east coast.

The shallow turquoise waters are perfect for both swimming and snorkeling.

There are some small hotels and tourist villas in the village.

Here stay mostly people who want to stay close to the excellent beach and need some privacy at the same time.

16. Cross the Bridge of Chalcis and visit Karababa Castle

karababa castle
Karababa Castle by Wikimedia

It is an exciting and recommended experience to cross the Bridge of Chalcis and to take a stroll on the other shore.

This way, you will be able to see the island of Evia from the mainland as well as to visit some of the great local landmarks.

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One of them is the Karababa Fortress which is exceptionally well preserved, especially considering its old age.

It was built by the Ottomans in 1684 on the top of a not very high hill.

The view from the fortress, however, is wonderful.

17. Walk to Eretria and visit the Archeological Museum

bronze statue of zeus
Bronze statue of Zeus by Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA-4.0

Eretria is a small port town south of Chalcis.

The town is known for its unpretentious relaxing atmosphere and the Archaeological Museum.

Located in the north of the village, the museum is considered one of the main attractions of the island.

It has a very rich collection of artifacts that tell incredible stories about the ancient history of the second largest Greek island.

Here you can see a wide variety of tools, jewelry, pottery, decoration and many others.

The most impressive, however, are definitely the marble sculptures.

18. Take advantage of the Thermal Springs

thermal springs
Thermal springs by Agnee/Flickr

If you are a fan of spa, you should definitely visit the tourist village of Edipsos in the northwestern part of Evia.

Its mineral water is thought to possess the ability to treat and improve a wide range of health conditions.

Since there are many springs here, not all of them have the same temperature.

The coldest is with a water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, while the hottest is almost 90 degrees.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the charm of the city and the beautiful nature in the area.

19. Spend a day at Chiliadou Beach

chiliadou beach
Chiliadou beach by Aris Papachristou/Flickr

Chiliadou Beach is one of the most important sights on the island, and most travelers come here at least once.

It is located on the east coast and is preferred by nature lovers because of the green scenic slopes.

The stretch is covered by small beige and grayish pebbles and will definitely surprise you with the saturated blue color of the water.

Since the beach is facing north, it is one of the most preferred during the hottest summer months because of the refreshing breeze.

20. Explore the nightlife of Chalcis

night view of chalcis
Night view of Chalcis by YouTube

The capital city of Evia is known for its exciting and diverse nightlife.

Nightclubs, cafes and restaurants offer entertainment for anyone who loves to party even after midnight.

Some places are open only during the summer season, while others are open year-round.

Although in almost every town in Evia there is a place that is worth a visit, the diversity of Chalcis is the greatest.

Due to its great variety, the vibrant tourist city attracts many young people from across Europe.

21. Saint John the Russian Church

st. john the russian church
St. John The Russian Church by Wikimedia/Creative Commons

The village of Prokopion is located in the interior of the island of Evia.

Situated in a fertile valley and surrounded by mountains, this place is famous for one of the most beautiful churches on the island.

The church is named after a local saint who lived here in the 17th century.

The place is extremely beautiful and full of positive energy.

If you are looking for a place to relax from the stress, the church and the beautiful forested area are perfect for you.