17 Reasons Why Queensland is the Best Destination in the World

rainbow beach

Bathed in tropical sunlight and ocean waves, the Australian state of Queensland undoubtedly offers the very best of Australia.

Although Sydney attracts the majority of tourists, Queensland is actually the place that offers many of the world famous landmarks of the country.

1. Wonderful Weather

wonderful weather
Wonderful Weather by Nick Pestov/Flickr

Queensland is the main reason why Australia is a synonym of good weather.

The state is a place where summer never ends.

It enjoys a sunny and warm tropical climate to the south and a very hot subequatorial climate to the north.

Even in the coldest southern parts of the state, winter temperatures exceed 20°C.

2. Beaches

surfers paradise beach
Surfers Paradise Beach by |Nicolas|/Flickr

If you’ve heard of the legendary Australian beaches, you should know that at least half of the most beautiful of them are to be found in Queensland.

Whether on the coast of the continent or on the shore of some of the surrounding islands, they are among the most irresistible on the planet.

The clear and warm blue ocean waters and white sands are just magical.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef
Great Barrier Reef by Kyle Taylor/Flickr

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on the planet and covers almost the entire East Coast of Queensland.

It extends 2300 km in the northwest-southeast direction, and is the only living organism on the planet that is visible from the space.

4. Fraser Island

fraser island rusty boat
Fraser Island Rusty Boat by Greg Schechter/Flickr

Fraser is the largest sandy island in the world.

It is located not far from the southeastern coast of Queensland.

It is known for its untouched wildlife and the fact that it has a population of only 194 people on the background of its territory of 1,840 km².

It is covered with dense forests, and the Pacific Ocean washes its golden sandy beaches.

5. Brisbane

kangaroo point cliffs brisbane
Kangaroo Point cliffs Brisbane by Lenny K Photography/Flickr

Besides being an extremely beautiful city with an ultramodern atmosphere, Brisbane is famous for many other reasons.

It is considered a leading cultural center in Australia, and according to some studies, it is even the best city in the world to raise a family.

6. Gold Coast

surfers paradise gold coast
Surfers Paradise Gold Coast by Mohd Fazlin/Flickr

Gold Coast is a world’s top destination for surf lovers.

Here you will find some of the best hotels in the southern hemisphere as well as upscale restaurants and bars.

Not to mention the local beaches which are some of the most attractive in the world.

Of course, let’s not forget the ocean waves that attract the lovers of ski sports throughout the year.

7. Carpentry Bay

mangrove forests
Mangrove forests

Most of the coastal areas around the world today are densely populated.

Australia is no an exception.

The country is synonymous with golden beaches, sun and modern city centers, but also with vast wild spaces.

Carpentry Bay is known as one of the largest, almost deserted, coastal areas on the planet.

Here, in the shallow sea water, grow mangrove forests.

But be careful – the salt water is home to the rare Australian saltwater crocodile!

8. Unique Animals

Cassowary by Victor Burolla/Flickr

One of the wonders of Australia is the unique fauna of the country.

As a result of the geographic isolation, most species of plants and animals are endemic, which means you could find them anywhere else but here.

For its part, Queensland is the state to find the best of the wildlife of Australia.

Just be careful because many of the species of animals are more dangerous than you think.

9. Simpson Desert

the simpson desert
The Simpson Desert by NeilsPhotography/Flickr

The Simpsons desert is located in the extreme southwestern parts of Queensland and is famous for its fiery red sands.

They contribute to the outstanding contrasts of this exciting tropical state.

The desert is among the most beautiful in Australia and much of its territory was declared a national park.

10. Whitsunday Island – The Whitest Sands in Australia

whitehaven bay whitsunday islands
Whitehaven Bay Whitsunday Islands by dany13/Flickr

Whitsunday Island is a little paradise which is located not far from the coast of mainland Australia.

Besides the rainforest and its scenic coastline, this place is known for some of the most irresistible beaches.

The snow-white sand and the sky blue sea water combine together to make this place a dream come true for every tourist.

11. People

rainbow beach
Rainbow Beach by texaus1/Flickr

People in Australia are very hospitable, relaxed and friendly.

This is particularly relevant for Queensland where the tourism industry is of a great importance and where people are particularly respectful to foreign visitors.

12. The Oldest Rainforest in the World

daintree national park
Daintree National Park by a_terracini/Flickr

The Daintree National Park is a beautiful place, but it is much more than this.

The park covers the territory of the oldest existing rainforest on the planet today.

Here you can see a huge variety of rare species of plants and animals you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

13. The Island of Stars

the queensland milky way
The Queensland Milky Way by Lenny K Photography/Flickr

Orpheus Island is a paradise not far from the mainland.

The island has gorgeous snow-white beaches, and its interior is covered with a dense emerald-green tropical rainforest.

Since it was declared a national park, the island has been preserved untouched over the years.

Today, it’s often called the “Island of Stars,” because it is a place where a huge number of celebrities spend their holidays.

14. Australia’s Best Airport

brisbane airport
Brisbane Airport by Rae Allen/Flickr

When traveling, we rarely think about the convenience of the airports we use.

However, this is very important for us to feel comfortable.

If you choose Australia as your destination, you will most likely arrive here by plane.

That’s why it’s important to know that Brisbane Airport, the largest city in Queensland, is considered to be the best in the country and is one of the best in the world.

15. Cairns – The Gate to the Largest Reef on the Planet

coast of cairns
Coast of Cairns by Sarah Stewart/Flickr

Green, sunny and exciting, Cairns is one of the most attractive resort towns in the Southern Hemisphere.

The city offers countless attractions, aqua parks, swimming pools and beautiful beaches.

Hotels are wonderful and restaurants offer irresistible cuisine.

With its population of 146,778 people, the city is considered the gateway to the thousands of islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

16. Townsville – The World Capital of Water Skiing

townsville at night
Townsville at Night by gérard/Flickr

Townsville looks like a smaller version of Miami Beach but with the difference that everything here is at a much smaller distance.

In this charming town on the shores of the Coral Sea, the colors are brighter and the plants are more fragrant than any other place in the world.

The sun and the warm weather turn the town into a paradise for tourists.

The city is a Mecca for water sports lovers, especially for those of you who are into water skiing.

17. The Best Lake to Swim in on the Planet

lake mckenzie
Lake McKenzie by Arran Bee/Flickr

Because of its out of this world beauty, Lake McKenzie is considered the best for swimming and camping in Australia and the world.

Its gorgeous beaches are covered with white organic silica sand, and its waters are crystal clear.

The water is fresh (of rainy origin) and offers an amazing turquoise color in the shallows and sapphire nuances in the deeper parts.