21 Best Things to Do in Germany

oktoberfest munich

Today Germany is not only the largest sender of tourists worldwide but also an important tourist destination of international significance.

There are many things worth seeing.

The fact that many Germans travel abroad really contributes heavily to the modern image of the country and today Germany is an incredible mix of cultures and nationalities.

Today about 25 million foreign tourists visit annually Germany.

People come here for different reasons – a holiday, on business, visit, etc.

Here are some events and sights that contribute most to the development of tourism in the country.

1. Oktoberfest

oktoberfest munich
Oktoberfest – Munich by Steffen Hausmann/Flickr

Oktoberfest is the largest and most important event related to beer in the world.

The event held in Munich each year from 1810.

This is one of the most attractive events in the country and attracts millions of tourists.

It usually begins in late September and lasts until early October, from where its name comes.

The scale of the Oktoberfest are really enormous.

This event is among the most significant entertainment events in the world like a carnival of samba in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Brandenburg Gate

brandenburg gate
Brandenburg Gate by Tomasz Baranowski/Flickr

Brandenburg Gate is fully completed in 1791.

Today is considered to be the greatest architectural landmark in the country.

It is a symbol of reunification between East and West Germany, but it should be noted that in fact the building was built in a completely different occasion and with another purpose.

In fact, the Brandenburg Gate has served as one of the gates to Berlin.

Today remained only it, and for young Germans symbolizes the unity.

3. Berlin Wall

berlin wall
Berlin Wall by Daniel Huizinga

If you visit Germany one of the things you must see is the Berlin Wall, or rather what is remained of it.

Berlin is a city of art and the wall is no exception.

Parts of the wall are left deliberately to remind the division, but also as a decorative element that serves to enrich the diversity of attractions of this rich and beautiful city.

The history of the wall began in 1961 and ended in 1989.

The Berlin Wall played the role of barrier between East and West Berlin, which aimed to stop the escapes from east to west Germany.

4. Potsdamer Platz

potsdamer platz
Potsdamer Platz by macreloaded/Flickr

Potsdamer Platz is to Germany what is Time Square for America.

This is one of the busiest and key points in the German capital Berlin.

Today it is a modern place where there are many modern office buildings.

Here you will see the modern face and spirit of Germany.

In closeness there is a great variety of comfortable city hotels, where you could stay.

5. The Center of Frankfurt

the city of frankfurt
The City of Frankfurt by salomon10/Flickr

The central parts of Frankfurt should not be missed! Skyline is very impressive!

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Here dominate sleek, modern skyscrapers.

The city center has incredible cosmopolitan spirit and radiated wealth.

In fact, Frankfurt is probably the city that has the most impressive skyline in Europe.

Since much of Frankfurt was destroyed during the war, it takes an entirely new direction of development.

So today Frankfurt has a typical American face.

Here we must mention the building of the European Central Bank, which is one of the most impressive in Germany.

6. Cologne Cathedral

cologne cathedral
Cologne Cathedral by 3mb.o/Flickr

Cathedral in Cologne is into the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

The construction of this marvel of architecture lasted more than 6 centuries, which speaks about its indescribable value as a cultural object.

The structure was begun in the first half of 13 century and was fully completed in 1880.

Today over Cologne skyline you can see its two towers with a height of about 157 meters!

7. Bundestag

bundestag the german parliament
Bundestag – the German Parliament by Lars Steffens/Flickr

The building of the German Parliament, known as the Bundestag is located next to the beautiful city park Tiergarten in central Berlin.

This historical monument is also known as the Reichstag building.

This architectural piece of art was completed in 1894.

The building is the most beautiful seen from the facade, where its architectural ornaments resemble the Acropolis in the Greek capital Athens.

8. Bode Museum

bode museum
Bode Museum by hosszuka/Flickr

Bode Museum is located in the German capital Berlin and is considered to be one of the best museums in Germany.

The first thing that we have to note is its location.

The museum is located on an island in the middle of the river Spree.

And if the outside architecture and location are a joy to the eye, the inside with certainly will not leave you indifferent.

The museum offer exhibits of mummified human bodies that can make you feel scared.

9. Lowenburg Castle

lowenburg castle
Lowenburg Castle by marcostetter/Flickr

In translation from German means “lion’s Palace”.

It is situated in the western outskirts of the small town of Kassel, which is located in central Germany.

This architectural masterpiece was built in very short period.

Eight years it took to complete this magnificent castle.

It was completed in 1801 at the beginning of the 19th century.

It was built by Earl William 9th, known for his extensive knowledge of architecture.

The area of Lowenburg is covered with dense deciduous vegetation, and the north of the castle has a beautiful garden with shady paths for walk.

10. Lichtenstein Castle

lichtenstein castle
Lichtenstein Castle by Roger W/Flickr

Located in a picturesque area south of Reutlingen in southern Germany, Lichtenstein Castle impresses with its magnificent location on the edge of a cliff.

It really looks like the castles from the fairy tales and many people say it is one of the most beautiful places in Germany.

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The castle is located at this place since the early 13 th century, although it was twice destroyed and rebuilt anew.

Nothing can compare to the feeling man to pass over the wooden bridge to the castle gate.

Here you will experience the historical spirit of medieval Europe.

11. Isle of Rügen

isle of rugen
Isle of Rugen by kayugee/Flickr

Rügen is a large irregularly shaped island situated in the Baltic Sea near the coast of the continent.

It is unusual, but really innovative solution for summer holidays with beautiful scenery and relaxed rural atmosphere.

The environment is clean and saved with cool and fresh climate.

You might even bathe into the sea and sunbathe on one of its beautiful beaches in the warmer summer months.

12. Marienplatz

marienplatz munich
Marienplatz Munich by Mike Steele/Flickr

Located in the heart of Munich, Marienplatz is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Germany.

All around you everything radiates refinement and culture.

Most impressive is the building of the municipality or, as Germans call it – Rathaus.

In its highest part the building rises to about 79 meters.

Opposite the City Hall is located the column of St. Mary.

On the top of the column you can see a statue of the saint, which was made in 1590.

13. Regensburg (City in UNESCO List)

regensburg at night
Regensburg at Night by Alex P/Flickr

If you visit Regensburg once you will never wonder again why the city is in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Many city streets are too narrow and therefore through them can move only pedestrians.

This is one of those towns where the streets seem to have no direction and are designed not to reach any place, but rather to confuse the walkers.

But this will only help you to get to know this magical place.

As people say “The best way to know a city is being lost in it”.

14. The Museum and the Tower of BMW

tower of bmw
Tower of BMW by Sascha Sormann/Flickr

Being in Munich you have to visit the attractive Tower of BMW also famous as “the four-cylinders”.

The building is an original, well designed and will not leave indifferent the curious visitors.

Adjacent to the tower is located the museum of BMW, where you’ll learn everything you want about the famous German auto mobiles.

15. National Theatre Munich

national theatre munich
National Theatre Munich by Pixelteufel/Flickr

As it is with many other buildings in the country, the facade of the German National Theatre in Munich is similar to the Acropolis in the Greek capital Athens.

The building was completed in 1901, at the beginning of the 20th century.

The theatre is located at an beautiful circus, which you can enjoy sitting in one of the nearby cafes.

16. National Park “Bavarian Forest”

bavarian forest national park
Bavarian Forest National Park by Stiller Beobachter/Flickr

Located near the border with the Czech Republic, National Park “Bavarian Forest” is something you should not miss in Germany.

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Here is perhaps the most beautiful forest in Europe.

The frontier forests between Germany and the Czech Republic are always considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe.

Here the visitors can enjoy great biological diversity.

The vegetation is mixed – there are both deciduous and coniferous forests.

And although the territory of the country posses a great variety of national parks, this is maybe one of the most attractive.

17. Nuremberg

Nuremberg by Ștefan Jurcă/Flickr

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Ancient buildings, narrow streets, European atmosphere and small, charming cafes, make together the city an excellent place for recreation and cultural enrichment.

People often say about Nuremberg that a walk along its ancient streets is actually a walk in the past.

Nuremberg is where you meet history and future.

You’ll be amazed to see how ancient buildings and modern architecture coexist in perfect harmony.

18. Cathedral of Aachen

aachen cathedral
Aachen Cathedral by Hühnerauge/Flickr

Aachen Cathedral is considered to be one of the largest and most valuable landmarks of Germany.

The cathedral is into the UNESCO list of world heritage.

This building was completed in 1531.

The cathedral was under construction almost 600 years!

Among the Germans it is known as the Kayzerdom.

19. Garmisch Parterkirchen (Ski Resort)

garmisch parterkirchen
Garmisch Parterkirchen by Andrew Michael Smith/Flickr

Garmisch Parterkirhen is extremely nice and friendly resort town in southern Germany.

It is located near the Austrian border.

This is one of the best places in Germany where one can feel the Alpine spirit of the country.

The town is quiet and from almost every part are visible the jagged peaks of the Alps.

If you visit this charm resort town in winter do not forget to take advantage of the excellent opportunities for skiing.

20. Centro in Oberhausen

centro in oberhausen
Centro in Oberhausen by sandro.s/Flickr

Centro in the city of Oberhausen is the largest mall in Europe.

It stretches over a huge area and it is not accidental.

Oberhausen is part of the largest urban area in Germany.

In this part of the country there is a large concentration of population, as several major German cities are located in close proximity to each other.

These include Cologne, Essen and Dusseldorf.

21. Television Tower in Berlin

television tower in berlin
Television Tower in Berlin by neverending september/Flickr

Television Tower in Berlin is the tallest building in the city.

It rises to a height of 320 meters and is visible from almost the entire city.

It is located on Alexander Platz and offers stunning views of the German capital.

The most pleasant is that on the top there is a rotating restaurant that will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view while having dinner and drinking your beverage.