10 Reasons Why McKenzie is the Best Lake in the World to Swim

white sands

Did you know that Lake McKenzie is considered to be the best for swimming in the world?

It is not easy to get a reputation like this, but it is even harder to keep it.

The maximum length of the lake reaches 1200 meters and its maximum depth is about 5 meters.

Against its rather small size, it is popular as one of the best natural attractions in Australia.

If you are a person who appreciate the feeling of privacy and tranquility, Australia offers endless opportunities for you.

Lake McKenzie is one of them.

The place is so secluded and idyllic that you will be able to enjoy the most relaxing holidays in your entire life.

1. Unique Colors

lake mckenzie from above
Lake McKenzie from above by Stephan Ridgway/Flickr

Lake McKenzie and the surrounding area offer some of the most irresistible colors.

The shallow waters around the coast are turquoise, while the deeper interior of the lake is in saturated sapphire blue shades.

The forest along the coast varies in all shades of green.

All these nuances will make you only think of summer and relax.

2. Warm Weather Throughout the Year

pleasant weather mckenzie
Pleasant Weather McKenzie by a_terracini/Flickr

Lake McKenzie is less than 230 km south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

The area falls into the tropical climate zone and enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

Temperatures range between the pleasant 21 degrees in July and the hot 31 degrees in January.

3. Pleasant Water Temperature in All Four Seasons

lake mckenzie fraser island
Lake McKenzie Fraser Island by sboneham/Flickr

In December, January and February, the water temperature reaches its maximum of about 23 – 24 degrees.

This is the most pleasant time for swimming, as you will have the chance to cool off in the summer heat.

In winter (July and August) the water becomes a bit cold – about 17 – 18 degrees, so swimming during the winter season is not so comfortable, even if it is possible.

4. Transparency of Water

white sand beach mckenzie
White Sand Beach by Arran Bee/Flickr

Lake McKenzie’s waters are extremely transparent due to the fact that the level of microorganisms is very low.

Visibility under water reaches about 50 meters in clear and sunny weather.

This is why the lake is irresistible for lovers of swimming and snorkeling.

5. White Sands

white sands
White Sands by Roderick Eime/Flickr

McKenzie is surrounded by the most irresistible beaches you can imagine around a lake.

They are covered with organic White Silica sand, which explains why the lake remain crystal clear even in bad weather conditions.

The very grains of sand are so white that they look like small crystals of sugar.

6. No Dangerous Creatures

dingo on the beach lake mckenzie
Dingo on the beach by Brant Arthur/Flickr

Unlike the ocean waters around Fraser Island, where you can accidentally encounter dangerous sharks, including the great white sharks, there are only three species of fish in the lake.

They don’t pose a threat to the health and life of the lake visitors.

7. The Water is Fresh

unique blue water mckenzie
Unique Blue Water by a_terracini/Flickr

The lake is of rainy origin and its water is actually fresh.

This means that once you have swam in the water, you do not have to hurry up to wash the salt from your body.

For this reason, many people prefer the lake compared to bathing into the ocean.

8. The Water is Extremely Clean

beautiful scenery mckenzie
Beautiful Scenery by cyril chermin/Flickr

The water in the lake is very clean and safe for swimming.

However, as there are no springs in the area to provide the lake with a permanent source of fresh water, the authorities make an extraordinary effort to preserve its purity.

People are asked not to use sunscreens before they enter into the water.

Even if it sounds a bit strange for the visitors, actually the ingredients in the sunscreens could seriously pollute the water of the fragile ecosystem.

9. It is Located Within a National Park

forest mckenzie
Forest McKenzie by Kim/Flickr

Lake McKenzie is located within the borders of Great Sandy National Park.

Surrounded by a protected area, this magnificent oasis has been preserved in its initial shape over the years.

10. Surrounded by Forest

mckenzie beach fraser island
McKenzie Beach by theihno/Flickr

It is located within an exceptionally beautiful wooded area, where a huge variety of endemic and other species of plants grow.

The rainforest of Fraser Island is well known for its eucalyptus trees, which are emblematic of the continent.