25 Best Things to Do in Rhodes (Greece)

lindos beach

Offering approximately 330 sunny days per year, the island of Rhodes is one of the sunniest places in the world.

With its golden beaches, quiet bays, limpid sapphire waters, clean air, bird songs, olive groves and an amazing aroma of wild herbs and flowers, Rhodes is a pleasure for all the senses.

Not accidentally, this is a top destination for people from all across the globe.

If you have already decided to spend your next holiday here, here is the ultimate list of 25 best things to do while on the island.

1. Visit the Valley of the Butterflies

valley of the butterflies
Valley of the Butterflies by Shadowgate/Flickr

The Valley of the Butterflies is considered one of the most beautiful places not only in Rhodes but in Greece as a whole.

This is a wonderful forested area in the north of Rhodes, approximately 26 km southwest of the main city on the island.

It is a tempting place to walk around during the hot summer months because it offers a number of shady and cool forest trails.

From late July to late September you will find here one of the largest colonies of wonderful butterflies you can imagine.

2. Kiteboarding in Prassonissi Beach

kiteboarding in prassonissi beach
Kiteboarding in Prassonissi Beach by Luigi Rosa/Flickr

In the South of Rhodes you will find one of the best places for kiteboarding in the Mediterranean.

It comes to a narrow isthmus of golden sand which is the only connection between the main island of Rhodes with the small hilly cape of Prassonissi.

The place offers excellent conditions to practice your favourite water sport during the months of July and August.

Because of the topography of the area, usually in 99% of the time one of the sides of the isthmus is really quiet and good for swimming.

For this reason, your family will be able to enjoy the sand and the quiet water while you are kiteboarding on the other side, just a hundred meters away.

3. Spend a day on the beach of Lindos

lindos beach
Lindos Beach by brianfagan/Flickr

Most people visit the island of Rhodes because of its wonderful beaches and sunny weather.

The beach of Lindos is considered one of the best in Greece as a whole.

It is comfortably nestled in a small bay on the more quiet eastern side of the island.

It offers a wonderful golden sand and shallow transparent waters which is a perfect combination for families with kids.

4. Visit the neighboring Alimia

alimia island
Alimia Island

The small island of Alimia is located approximately 7 km off the western coast of Rhodes.

Even if this small piece of land is very different from what most of us imagine when thinking about a holiday island, don’t miss the chance to spend a few hours here.

The most impressive part of Alimia are the remains of an ancient civilization as well as the old monastery on the coast itself.

Don’t miss also to dip your body into the refreshing sapphire waters of the clean and quiet bay.

5. Walk around the Old Town of Rhodes

old town of rhodes
Old Town of Rhodes by VladIslav Tep/Flickr

The Old Town of Rhodes is the fortified ancient part of the city.

In an amazing contrast to the modern European city, the old town, which is under the auspices of UNESCO since 1988, is a place in which to find narrow cobbled streets, small craft shops, pleasant cool shade during the summer heat and centuries old buildings with an incredible historical value (churches, mosques and many others).

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6. Some relax in Rodini Park

rodini park
Rodini Park by Paul Stephenson/Flickr

Rodini is a must visit place for you if you are searching some inner peace and tranquility.

It comes to a small green paradise which is located at a walking distance from the Old Town.

The park is considered one of the most beautiful gems of the island.

It offers the opportunity to spend a quiet and relaxing afternoon walking along an old water way under the pleasant shade of the trees.

7. Visit the Tomb of Ptolemies

Despite most of the visitors of Rodini Park come here to connect with the Mother Nature, this is the place to find one of the most important ancient landmarks of the island.

If you have the chance to visit this place, don’t miss to touch one more time the ancient past of Rhodes.

This is the place where the Tomb of Ptolemies is.

It is considered to dates from the 2nd century BC.

8. Spend a day on Faliraki Beach

faliraki beach
Faliraki Beach by Luigi Rosa/Flickr

With no doubt one of the biggest advantages of Rhodes are its wonderful beaches.

One of the best of them is Faliraki.

Located on the northeast coast of the island, it offers nearly 5 kilometers of irresistible creamy beige sand and sapphire sea water.

It is not surprising that the area is one of the most developed tourist parts of the island.

9. Climb the Acropolis of Lindos

acropolis of lindos
Acropolis of Lindos

In addition to offering a breathtaking view, the Acropolis of Lindos is one of the must-visit historical sites in Greece.

The most important part of it dates from the 3th century BC.

It comes to the Temple of Athena Lindia which still impresses with its massive limestone columns.

10. Visit the Castle of Monolithos

castle of monolithos
Castle of Monolithos by Bill Tyne/Flickr

The Castle of Monolithos is a ruined medieval complex which is known both for its wonderful view and its remote location.

It is situated on the top of a hill in the southwestern part of the island.

One of the advantages of spending some time here is the fact that the Castle of Monolithos is not so easy to reach and thus it remains quiet even during the height of the tourist season.

11. Diving in Kalithea

diving in kalithea
Diving in Kalithea by Nikos/Flickr

Kalithea is the most popular diving spot in Rhodes and is well known for its calm waters, good underwater visibility and rich fauna.

You will be able to discover the beauty of the Mediterranean while enjoying the incredible underwater rock formations.

The place is located on the northeast coast of the island, and the best time to dive here is from April to October.

12. Visit the church of Saint Pantaleon

church of saint pantaleon
Church of Saint Pantaleon by Marc Ryckaert/BY-SA 3.0

The church of Saint Pantaleon is situated in the heart of the small village of Siana.

The Orthodox church is one of the most beautiful on the island and is considered to dates back to the 14th century.

It is a good example of the beauty of the less known face of Rhodes.

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13. Spend some time in the Grandmaster’s Palace

grandmaster’s palace
Grandmaster’s Palace by Andrey Filippov/Flickr

The Grandmaster’s Palace is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Completed in the 14th century, it is considered the main attraction on the island.

With no matter of how many days you have planned to stay in Rhodes, you should definitely spend one afternoon in the palace-museum.

Built by the Knights Hospitaller, it is well-known for its Gothic architecture.

To visit the Grandmaster’s Palace is a good way to spend meaningfully the hottest hours of the day.

14. Visit the mineral springs of Kallitheas

mineral springs of kallitheas
Mineral Springs of Kallitheas by Shadowgate/Flickr

If you have a passion for SPA and wellness, Thermes Kallitheas (or Kallithea Springs in English) is a must-visit place for you.

The springs of Kallithea are well known since ancient times because of the therapeutic effect of the water on the human body.

The thermal water gushes from under the ground with a temperature of around 18 degrees.

If you are interested, you will be able to take advantage from the low cost of the entry fee and enjoy the springs, the sunbeds and the best natural views on the island.

15. Mandhraki (the ancient harbour)

mandhraki harbour
Mandhraki Harbour by Fredrik Rubensson/Flickr

Every vacation in Rhodes should include a pleasant afternoon stroll to the ancient Mandhraki harbour.

Although today it looks rather modern, this place is the gate to the historical heart of the island.

Moreover, Mandhraki Harbour is the historical site of the Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the 7 Wonder of the Ancient World.

16. Attavyros Mountain

attavyros mountain
Attavyros Mountain by Andrey Filippov/Flickr

With its 1215 m, Attavyros is the highest mountain on the island of Rhodes.

It is an important place to visit, especially if you want to get to know the real Rhodes, away from the most popular tourist routes.

This place offers an amazing view toward the entire island as well as a chance to visit the nearby Temple of Zeus.

17. Anthony Quinn Bay

anthony quinn bay
Anthony Quinn Bay by Shadowgate/Flickr

If you are looking for the most irresistible place to swim in Rhodes, Anthony Quinn Bay is the place for you.

This little cove is well known for its limpid and quiet water as well as for the captivating beauty of the surrounding area.

If you have to choose just one place to visit and to bathe into the water, let’s that be the Anthony Quinn Bay.

18. Tsambika Beach

tsambika beach
Tsambika Beach by Klausi/Flickr

On the east coast of the island of Rhodes there is a wonderful beach which is known for its golden sand and quiet waters.

Tsambika Beach is nestled between hills, which are covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation.

This place is a great choice, especially if you are searching for a place to spend the day on the beach with your all family.

19. Visit a winery

rhodes vineyard
Rhodes Vineyard by Spiros Vathis/Flickr

Even if you are not into wine, you should definitely try at least a glass of the alcoholic beverage.

The island of Rhodes is known as one of the places to find some of the best wines in Greece and in the world.

To search for a good winery, on the other side, is a great experience, especially driving on some of the quiet winding roads around the most popular Greek island.

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20. Explore the Orange Valley

orange valley
Orange Valley by Karelj/CC BY-SA 3.0

Orange Valley is considered the best of all tourist routes on the island of Rhodes.

Moreover, this is also one of the best places to ride bike off road on the Mediterranean.

This route is a great choice if you want to explore the rural side of Rhodes and to get in touch with nature and local people.

21. Visit a provincial tavern

traditional greek dish
Traditional greek dish by Andrey Filippov/Flickr

Taverns are traditional Greek restaurants, and you will find them behind every corner.

However, most of these restaurants are tourist oriented.

If you want to find a really authentic Greek tavern which offers traditionally prepared Greek food, you should walk around the island, far from the bigger tourist centers of Rhodes.

Don’t miss to try some typical local foods such as olive oil, cheese, yogurt, bread and grapes as well as some culinary masterpieces of the Greek cuisine such as moussaka, stuffed peppers, appetizers and many others.

22. Visit Pefki and its beaches

pefki beach
Pefki Beach by Hugh/Flickr

Most people visit the island of Rhodes because of it beaches, and this is not surprising, especially considering its wonderful sunny weather and warm sea.

If you are lucky enough to visit this little paradise in the Eastern Mediterranean, don’t miss one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Pefki Beach is a fine golden sand beach nestled into a little and quiet bay on the east coast of the island.

It attracts visitors from early spring till late autumn with its crystal clear and limpid waters.

23. Visit Lardos Castle

lardos castle
Lardos Castle

Lardos is a medieval castle from the 12th century, which is located in the outskirts of the small village of Largos.

Today you will find only the ruins of a massive stony structure, which is actually one of the square towers of the fort (the other tower doesn’t exist anymore).

As the place is relatively close to the popular tourist town of Lindos, you will be able to combine the walk to the lovely coastal city with a visit of the archeological site.

24. Spend a day at Fourni Beach

fourni beach
Fourni Beach

If you want to feel like in a scene of the movie “Castaway”, don’t miss to visit the remote and quiet Fourni Beach.

It is situated on the west coast of the island and is well known for its ancient caves.

Despite the beach is not among the most recommended for swimming on the island of Rhodes, the mysticism of the caves attracts a number of visitors.

Bring a good camera to take pictures of the caves and bring also some food to have lunch under the shadow of the trees along the coast.

25. Jump to Marmaris

marmaris at night turkey
Marmaris at night, Turkey by Kamil Porembiński/Flickr

Yes, you are staying on the island of Rhodes which is, as you can see by yourself, a little paradise.

It offers it all to spend a great and diverse vacation.

However, why to miss the chance to jump to the popular Turkish resort city of Marmaris which is located just 45 km to the north?

The ferry operates 4 times a week although the frequency depends on what is the season.