9 Reasons to Visit Cyprus in January

larnaca beach

Cyprus is one of the best holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

In 2017, it was visited by 3,600,000 tourists.

The island offers thousands of years of history, ancient excavations, historical monuments, natural wonders and irresistible beaches, not to mention the authentic tastes and flavors of the amazing local cuisine.

The only problem is that the island, with its 9,251 km², is too small to accept such a huge number of visitors, especially considering that almost all arrivals happen during the period between the late April and early November.

Therefore, if you want to get to know this jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean and to enjoy its beauties undisturbed, the idea of ​​visiting it in the heat of winter probably is not that bad.

1. Less Crowded

finikoudes promenade larnaca
Finikoudes Promenade – Larnaca

As we just mentioned above, the “Aphrodite Island” is full of people during the summer months.

This makes it a bit difficult to fully enjoy its countless beauties.

If you choose to travel in January, however, you will able to see this piece of paradise in its quietest and most peaceful side, which is a great opportunity to enjoy the numerous museums, churches and monuments under the open sky without being disturbed.

2. Pleasant Weather

nissi beach ayia napa
Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Although the temperatures are far from what we normally imagine when we talk about summer, January will pleasantly surprise us.

Although the sky is often covered with clouds and precipitations are quite common, the temperature throughout the day is usually around 17 – 18 degrees.

Thermometers show about 8 degrees at night and you will need a jacket.

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However, at noon you could walk around even in a t-shirt, especially in sunny weather.

3. Beach and Sea

larnaca beach
Larnaca Beach

Although it is a bit cold for the beach, even in January there is a small chance of getting on a warm day where you can swim in the sea.

This is especially true if you arrive from a place where the temperature is normally much lower at this time of the year.

The sun and pleasant temperatures can will make the cinnamon and golden beaches of Cyprus even more irresistible, though many of the locals wear their warmest winter clothes.

The seawater is about 17 degrees even at the height of winter, so if you get a really warm and sunny windless day, you’ll be able to dip into the sea for at least a few minutes.

4. Prices

agia napa monastery
Agia Napa, Monastery

If you are looking for lower prices in restaurants, hotels and cafes, January is the best time of year for you.

During the winter season some of the places are temporarily closed, but most of them still remain opened.

As they work with fewer customers, they often reduce the prices by 40% or 50% compared to summer.

5. Skiing

beautiful nature cyprus
Beautiful Nature

Thick snow covers the higher parts of the Troodos Mountains in January.

This makes it possible for ski lovers to take advantage of their favorite sport.

Although the snow cover is not guaranteed and the ski slopes are not like in Switzerland, Austria, Norway or Bulgaria, it is still exciting to enjoy the snow when the temperatures reach 20 degrees along the coast.

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6. Shopping

street in larnaca
Street in Larnaca

As it is a popular tourist destination, Cyprus is traditionally a bit more expensive than the average for Europe.

After most of the tourists leave the island at the end of autumn, however, prices usually decline and some goods, including many different types of clothing, could be found at prices about 50% cheaper than in summer.

7. Epiphany

church of saint lazarus larnaca
Church of Saint Lazarus, Larnaca

As in other European countries, January is a month of celebrations here.

One of the greatest events is Epiphany.

It is celebrated on January 6th all around the island, including in all coastal towns and villages.

The priests throw a cross in the sea, and the locals wash fruits and vegetables in the sea water, believing that this will bring a rich and healthy harvest.

8. Green

larnaca salt lake
Larnaca Salt Lake

If you want to see Cyprus really green, you should visit it during the winter months and January is a good choice.

After the long months of dry and hot summer, winter brings spring temperatures and rainfall.

This is why the island is emerald green and is a wonderful time of the year for long walk in the wild.

9. Less Harmful Sun

pleasant weather cyprus
Pleasant Weather

You should always use a high SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen when going outside, including if you visit Cyprus in winter.

Do not forget that sun is dangerous even in this part of the year.

However, the chance to burn after a long day outside is definitely smallest in January.

This is why this month is a good choice if you want to walk around for hours, visiting museums and sights of interest.

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