9 Best Things to Do in Varna (Bulgaria)

Aladzha Monastery

Probably the first thing that comes to mind of most people when talking about Varna is how great the beaches in the area are.

Undoubtedly, the beaches of Bulgaria have many advantages and are among the most beautiful in Europe.

However, talking about an ancient city like Varna, it is a great mistake to only think about sea and sand.

The city offers some really amazing and interesting attractions, and we would like to give you an idea of what are the best places to visit and why.

1. Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery – Creative Commons License

If you want to visit some place which is really exciting, unique and memorable, Aladzha Monastery is exactly what you need.

It is one of the most important attractions on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, and represents a graved into the rocks medieval monastery.

It is situated into a beautiful and lush deciduous forest, approximately 17 km north of the city center of Varna and 3 km of the coast of Golden Sands.

2. Saints Constantine and Helena Botanical Garden

Saints Constantine and Helena Botanical Garden

Saints Constantine and Helena Botanical Garden

The botanic garden of Saints Constantine and Helena or as it is actually called “Sofia University Botanic Garden” is a must-visit place, only a few minutes walk from the center of the resort.

The garden is an incredible place to spend your afternoon, enjoying the quiet and green alleys or only relaxing on a shady bench.

The place offers a great variety of species of trees, flowers and bushes, some of which native to distanced countries such as Japan or Canada.

3. Golden Sands Nature Park

Golden Sands Nature Park

Golden Sands Nature Park by Svilen Enev/CC BY 3.0

Golden Sands Nature Park is a protected area, located about 17 km north of the city center of Varna. It stretches for more than 9 km along the Black Sea coast and Golden Sands.

It is a must-visit place for people who spend their holiday in the area of Varna.

If you have a bit more luck, you could see deer, rabbits, badgers, wild boars and other wild animals.

4. The Royal Castle of Euxinograd

Euxinograd Palace

Euxinograd Palace

The Royal Castle of Euxinograd was founded in 1890, nearly 8 km north of the city center of Varna, as a summer residence of the Prince Alexander of Battenberg.

The castle is situated on the Black Sea coast and is surrounded by sophisticated and shady botanical garden.

Here you could see an incredible variety of species of plants from around the world.

5. Varna Archaeological Museum

Burial with gold treasure, 4600-4200 BC

Burial with gold treasure, 4600-4200 BC by Zde/CC 4.0

Varna is known as one of the oldest cities in Europe. The area has been permanently inhabited since approximately 4600 BC.

Today thousands of Thracian, Roman and Greek artefacts of different ages are available in the Varna Archaeological Museum and could be seen from all the visitors.

In the museum you can see the world’s oldest gold treasure, which was discovered in 1972 in a necropolis in the area of Varna.

6. Dolphinarium Varna


Dolphins by ymvf/Flickr

The dolphinarium is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Varna and is the only of its kind in the Southeast of Europe.

It is a great place not only to enjoy these wonderful creatures but also to have a nice cup of coffee or to have lunch in the restaurant of the complex.

Since it is situated into the Sea Garden, it is surrounded by large old tree, which offer some pleasant cool shade during the hottest midday hours.

7. Varna Sea Garden

Alpineum Bridge, Sea Garden

Alpineum Bridge, Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is the largest city park in the Balkans and one of the most interesting urban parks in Europe as a whole.

It stretches for nearly 4 km along the Black Sea coast and is a favorite place for locals and tourists.

The project started in the late 19th century. The biggest influence over the contemporary look of the green zone came from the work of the famous Czech architect Anton Novák.

8. The Roman baths (Thermae) in Varna

Roman Thermae

Roman Thermae

Varna is a city with an ancient history, and the Roman baths are the first place to visit if you are interested in the past of the area.

The baths were built around the 2nd century and today the bigger part of them is actually under the surrounding buildings.

However, the part you can see is very well preserved, and you could experience what is like the authentic feeling to walk between the massive walls.

9. Natural phenomenon “Stone Forest” (Pobiti Kamani)

Stone Forest

Stone Forest by Diego Delso/Flickr

Stone Forest (or Pobitite Kamani, as they call it in Bulgarian) is one of the greatest and most mystical tourist attractions in Bulgaria.

The site is located approximately 20 km west of the city center of Varna and covers an area of nearly 13 km².

It consists of a large number of natural columns, which are between 5 and 7 meters high. According to scientists, these limestone formations are the result of a long lasting weathering and erosion.

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