20 Best Things to Do in Paxos (Greece)

the bay of lakka

Even if small, the island of Paxos (or also known as Paxi) enjoys a great popularity with tourists.

Its formula for success is the combination of warm Mediterranean climate, clear sea waters, mostly wild and unspoiled interior and limited accommodation options, which means less visitors and better opportunities to find some privacy and seclusion.

Located not far from the island of Corfu (Paxi is only about 14 km to the south) it attracts a number of day travelers who come here by boats or yachts for a few hours before coming back to Corfu in the evening.

Paxos, however, is too interesting to limit your visit within a day.

Here is what not to miss while on the island:

1. Visit the Tripitos Arch

tripitos arch
Tripitos Arch by Dom Crossley/Flickr

Located in a quiet and isolated area in the south of the island, Tripitos arch is one of the most easily recognizable landmarks in Paxos.

Even if so popular, it is not very easy to find because of the lack of signs showing the right way.

It is recommended to ask some of the local residents about the way.

Staying on the coastal cliffs in front of this natural wonder, you realize how big it really is.

You can reach the rock using the arch as a natural bridge.

However, you should consider that it is about 20 meters high, which means you won’t feel comfortable if you are afraid of heights.

2. Enjoy the captivating Erimitis Bay Beach

erimitis bay beach
Erimitis Bay beach by Pinterest

Located on the quiet and isolated western coast of Paxos, Erimitis Bay Beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island.

Most of the visitors describe this place as a real paradise.

White sandstone cliffs are overhanging the white coarse sand.

The water is emerald green and irresistibly clear.

As the beach is difficult to reach, it remains quiet and secluded even in the height of summer.

3. Visit the scenic Blue Hole Cave

blue hole cave
Blue Hole Cave by Vince Smith/Flickr

Blue Hole is considered the most popular cave in the Ionian Sea.

It is located in the central part of the west coast of Paxos and is accessible only by water.

It attracts visitors from all over the world, including people spending their holidays on some of the neighbouring islands.

Usually during the summer season there are many tourist boats here.

You will sea people swimming or snorkeling around the boats.

This is not surprising, considering how blue and clear the water in front of the cave is.

4. Explore the village of Lakka and its area

lakka village
Lakka village by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

Lakka is one of the most charming villages on the island.

Its narrow winding streets, small cafes and traditional Greek restaurants are what makes the village so lovely.

Its small craft shops offer different ideas about what souvenirs to buy for your family and friends.

But the biggest attraction is the large natural harbor with azure waters.

Its Caribbean beauty, numerous white boats and yachts, smooth waters and lush green hills around make this place unique.

5. Day boat trip around the island

boat trip around paxos
Boat trip around Paxos by James Green/Flickr

Some travel agents offer a day boat trip around the entire island.

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This is a great chance to see and visit all the wonders along the coast within a day.

This is an experience saturated in incredible views, colors and shades.

Of course, you will be able to swim at the most attractive lagoons and bays as well as to have lunch on board.

Usually your hosts offer traditional local meals to completely feel the spirit of the Greek island.

6. Windsurfing at Lakka

harbour of lakka
Harbour of Lakka by Slip/Flickr

Lakka is a recommended windsurfing spot because it combines smooth sea surface and persistent (even if not very strong) breeze.

The reason is that the village is located at the biggest natural harbor of the island with a number of cozy and sheltered small coves and beaches within its borders.

You can combine your favorite water sport with some swimming and relaxing on the beach.

In fact, you can find some privacy even during the busiest months of the year and despite the fact that Lakka is the second largest village on the island.

7. Day boat trip to Antipaxos

boat trip to antipaxos
Boat trip to Antipaxos by Vince Smith/Flickr

Only 2 kilometers separate Paxos from the little island of Antipaxos.

This is why it is deeply recommended to dedicate a day to visit the island.

It is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so you have to definitely explore some of them.

The good news is that most of them are located along the northern and northeastern coast of Antipaxos so they are easy to reach within minutes.

You will find here crystal clear turquoise waters and will be able to enjoy the best swimming and snorkeling you have ever experienced.

8. Walk along the port of Gaios

port of gaios
Port of Gaios by Spiros Vathis/Flickr

The port of Gaios is one of the most recommended places to visit in Paxos.

It looks different from all the other ports in Greece because of its specific location.

It is nestled in a narrow natural harbor between the island of Paxos and the neighbouring island, called Agios Nicolaos.

Looking toward the sea from the promenade of Gaios, the view is dominated by the relatively small forested island.

It plays the role of a natural barrier which protects the boats and yachts anchored here.

9. Snorkeling along the west coast

clear sapphire water
Clear sapphire water by James Green/Flickr

The west coast of Paxos is a real paradise for people who love snorkeling.

It offers clear sapphire waters and visibility of 40 – 50 meters under the surface.

Of course, it is important to choose the right weather conditions.

It should be windless, clear and sunny so you will get the most of your adventure.

Under the water you will find an entire world of wonderful sea creatures.

It is a great place to take underwater pictures since the colors are irresistible.

10. Hiking in the interior of the island

interior of the island
Interior of the island by Dom Crossley/Flickr

One of the most recommended experiences while on the island is to take a long walk in the interior of the little Ionian paradise.

A number of rural roads and forest trails cross the island and to explore them is an amazing experience.

You will pass along lonely secluded farms and small villages, vineyards, olive groves and pine forests.

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Whenever you feel tired, you will always find some nice place to stop for a while or a remote taverna to have lunch with a glass of wine.

11. Enjoy the privacy of Kipiadi Beach

kipiadi beach
Kipiadi beach by Sir Adavis/Flickr

Kipiadi Beach is so beautiful that you will hardly believe how empty and quiet it usually is.

Nestled in a charming bay on the middle of the way between Lakka and Gaios, it is considered the most attractive on the east coast.

It is covered with white coarse sand and pebbles and offers smooth emerald water.

It is ecologically clean and thus is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

The area is very quiet and only a few villas are scattered around.

12. Visit the Museum of Paxos

museum of paxos
The Museum of Paxos by James Green/Flickr

Opened in 1996, Paxos Museum is housed in an old historical building from the early 20th century.

It offers an amazing collection of artefacts from different periods of the history of the island.

Part of the artefacts are placed in the garden of the museum.

Here you will see folklore clothing, decoration, household items, industrial olive oil presses and many others.

The museum is located not far from the harbor of Gaios.

13. Enjoy the most popular restaurants and bars on the island

harbour of goias
Harbour of Goias by Vince Smith/Flickr

What is a visit of Paxos without enjoying its best restaurants and bars?

They are scattered in different parts of the island and in most cases are specialized in offering traditional local cuisine.

One of the most popular restaurants on the island is La Vista.

It is located in the harbor area of Goias and is popular for its incredible Mediterranean and Greek specialities.

Averto is also outstanding.

It is one of the top rated restaurants on the island and is located in the interior of the island, at a walking distance from the popular Eremitis Beach.

Roxi Bar is very cozy and is an important place to visit too.

It is located at the coast of Loggos – one of the most popular villages on the island.

14. Diving at the Ortholithos Rock

ortholithos rock
Ortholithos Rock by Ionian Cruises/YouTube

The Ortholithos Rock is one of the most popular diving spots in Paxos.

It is located along the west coast, about a kilometer south of another very popular attraction of the Ionian island – the Blue Hole Cave.

It is recommended to dive with an experienced guide as this is the best way to get the most of your adventure.

This area is one of the most attractive to dive outside the tropical waters of our planet.

15. Day boat trip to Corfu

boat trip to corfu
Boat trip to Corfu by AngelJuoles/Flickr

Because of the small distance between Paxos and Corfu, you could visit the most popular Ionian Island without serious preparations.

You can check in a travel agency or ask some of the locals at the harbor of Gaios, Loggos and Lakka (Lakka is the closest to Corfu).

The island of Corfu really worth a visit as it is a place of rich history, beautiful architecture and numerous natural beauties.

The walk to Corfu is a great way to get the most of your stay in Paxos.

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16. Do you like fishing

the bay of lakka
The bay of Lakka by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities, especially if practiced in such a beautiful environment as the island of Paxos.

If you want to get the best experience possible, you need to rent a boat in Loggos, Goias or Lakka.

The best thing to do is to hire a boat for the entire day.

You won’t believe how fast the time goes by enjoying your most favourite sport in this paradise.

You can anchor at some of the numerous coves along the cost and try to catch your own lunch.

Consider to bring enough water because summers are really hot here. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

17. Water ski in Loggos

loggos bay
Loggos bay by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

If you want to try some water sports, Loggos is one of the most recommended places to do that including if you love water skiing.

The small and charming coastal village offers the perfect conditions, which means mirrored surface and azure waters.

Some of the boat hire services on the island are based in Loggos and this is where you should go.

You will be equipped with everything you need to enjoy the perfect day of water skiing.

18. Mongonissi Beach – the most romantic spot on the island

mongonissi beach
Mongonissi beach by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

Mongonissi Beach is considered the most romantic spot on the island and this is why it attracts a number of honeymooners.

The beach is nestled in a deep natural harbor in the southernmost part of Paxos.

This is a place to find everything you need, with no matter if it is a high-end place to have dinner, equipment to practice your favorite water sport or just some facilities to have a great relaxing day on the beach without being disturbed.

19. Kayaking along the coast

harbor of paxos
Harbor of Paxos by Dom Crossley/Flickr

Since the island of Paxos offers a number of quiet and secluded coves, kayaking along the coast could be an amazing experience.

You will easily find a place to stop and have a rest during your adventure.

Usually, along the eastern coast the water is almost always quiet and smooth.

However, if you want to enjoy the sport along the western coast, you should definitely pay attention to the weather forecast.

In quiet and windless weather, kayaking will be a great way to reach the most beautiful beaches in Paxos as well as to visit some of the most attractive landmarks on the island.

Don’t forget that many of them are located along the western shore.

20. Enjoy the beach of Kaki Lagada

kaki lagada
Kaki Lagada by LANZATE/Flickr

Kaki Lagada is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Gaios.

It is nestled in a small bay, about 1 km north of the village.

The beach is well-known for its incredibly clear azure waters.

The beach is accessible on foot from Gaios, and you need about 20 minutes of walking to get there.

It is covered with small white pebbles so you better bring a thicker beach towel to feel comfortable while relaxing on the shore.

Otherwise, the underwater visibility is about 40 meters in nice weather.