22 Best Things to Do in Lefkada (Greece)

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Lefkada is a green and fertile island which is known as a quiet and relaxing destination.

This is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Greece, especially if you live a busy life and really want to give your mind a good rest.

Because of its slow pace life, Lefkada is deeply recommended to people who are too stressed from solving countless problems in the workplace and at home.

The combination of healthy and top quality food products, mild and sunny weather, ecologically clean environment and stunning beaches is a great way to recharge you batteries.

If you are already here, the following list offers 22 great ideas about what you can do and see on the island:

1. Spend a lazy day at Agios Nikitas Beach

agios nikitas beach
Agios Nikitas beach by Ronald & Sylke/Flickr

Even if small, Agios Nikitas is one of the most attractive and cozy beaches in Lefkada.

It combines coarse-grained ivory-colored sand and the most magnificent limpid azure waters you can imagine.

The beach is surrounded by low and forested rounded hills so it is easy to find some pleasant and cool shade even during the hot midday hours.

There are many Greek restaurants (tavernas) near the beach to enjoy a healthy portion of seafood with a glass of cold wine, beer or ouzo.

2. Take a walk into the forest

lefkada forest
Lefkada forest by Ronald & Sylke/Flickr

When it comes to ecologically clean forest paths and trails, Lefkada is definitely one of the top islands to visit in Greece.

It is both very green and quiet, so If you are searching for a place to get rid from the stress, you are at the right place.

Talking about long walks into the wild, Melissa Gorge is the best choice.

This is a real paradise for nature lovers, which is located in the northern part of the island, not far from the village of Kavallos.

Despite the proximity to the city of Lefkas, the capital of the island, you will encounter very few people while walking around.

3. Swimming at Porto Katsiki Beach

porto katsiki beach
Porto Katsiki beach by Anta Z/Flickr

Porto Katsiki is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada.

It is well known for its creamy white sand and sapphire blue waters.

It is not only a fantastic place to dive and swim but is probably one of the top spots to take pictures in Greece.

Apart from the cool and refreshing waters, the colours are also irresistible.

4. Kite surfing at Milos Beach

milos beach
Milos beach by Ronald & Sylke/Flickr

Lefkada is one of the world’s top kitesurfing destinations.

The island seems to be perfect for all the people who love the refreshing water sport.

In fact, the constant moderate breeze along the western coast in July and August is what makes Lefkada a really good choice.

Milos Beach combines all the features needed to promise a great experience.

The beach is just perfect – white sands and creamy-white pebbles, sandy bottom, limpid blue waters.

The good news is that it is a great choice even for beginners.

5. Join a boat trip around the island

boat trip to lefkada
Boat trip to Lefkada by Alan Lam/Flickr

One of the most recommended experiences while in Lefkada is to join a day boat trip around the island.

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There are numerous options, and they are all different.

This is definitely the best way to reach a number of beautiful but isolated coves of Lefkada while enjoying traditional local meals and drinks on board.

6. Visit the islet of Sparti

islet of sparti
Islet of Sparti by Catalina Dondiuc/Flickr

Sparti is a wonderful small jewel which lies just a kilometer off the coast of Perigiali, eastern Lefkada.

The small island is covered with green and dense vegetation and is almost unspoiled.

In fact, the island is a huge park under the open sky and is a must for everybody who loves to spend time in the forest.

7. Find some privacy in the Faneromeni Monastery

faneromeni monastery
Faneromeni Monastery by Upp75/CC-BY-SA-3.0

If you need some privacy and want to spend some time by yourself, the Monastery of Faneromeni will be a very interesting place to visit.

The building of the monastery is an architectural masterpiece which was built in 1634.

Later, in the 19th century the building was completely renovated.

Nowadays, almost 4 centuries later, the old monastery looks better than ever.

In addition, Faneromeni is surrounded by a wonderful green garden.

8. Enjoy the smooth waters of Agiofili Beach

agiofili beach
Agiofili beach by TripAdvisor

The beach of Agiofili is located in a small and quiet cove on the southern coast of the island.

It offers turquoise limpid waters and ivory-colored large-grain sand.

If you like snorkeling, you will be able to enjoy the incredible underwater visibility which reaches up to 30 – 40 meters.

This is a wonderful place to swim because the water surface is practically always smooth and calm.

9. Find a quiet beach just for yourself

avali beach
Avali beach by TripAdvisor

It is a big challenge to find a quiet beach in summer, especially in a popular destination such as Greece.

However, Lefkada is different.

The island is a relatively quiet place, and Avali Beach is a good example.

It is located on the west coast of the island, and according to travelers, this is probably the best choice if you are searching for some privacy on the shore.

This is one of the more difficult to reach beaches on the island.

To reach Avali Beach, you need to drive through a narrow and very old road.

However, once you are here, you will see with your own eyes what a real subtropical paradise is.

10. Go to Egremni Beach

egremni beach
Egremni beach by Zoi Koraki/Flickr

White and step coastal cliffs, blue sky and sea in the same colour.

Egremni is a wonderful beach to visit and is considered one of the biggest on the island.

It is located in the southwest of Lefkada.

This is a great place to find some privacy even in the height of summer.

11. Visit the Old Watermill in Syvros

old watermill in syvros
Old Watermill in Syvros by TripAdvisor

The Old Watermill is a must for you if you love good food and wines.

The old structure was renovated not long ago, and today this is a classy restaurant that blends local traditional style and authentic Greek food.

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The pleasant shade under the old trees is what will make your visit unforgettable.

12. One day boat trip to Meganisi Island

Take a day boat trip to Meganisi Island.

It is covered with lush vegetation, and its coastline offers numerous peninsulas and small idyllic coves.

The water is very smooth, crystal clear and in emerald shades.

The island is considered one of the most attractive places to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the Ionian Sea.

13. Snorkeling at Amouso Beach

amouso beach
Amouso beach by TripAdvisor

Amouso Beach is located in the south of Lefkada.

This is of the must-visit beaches on the island, and the reason is that it offers much more than just an irresistible beauty.

Protected by ragged coastal cliffs, the beach is white and the water is sapphire-blue.

The combination of smooth surface and great underwater visibility is the reason why this place is one of the top snorkeling destinations in Greece.

You just need a quiet and sunny weather, and you will be able to enjoy the incredible variety of sea creatures.

14. Buy souvenirs in Lefkas

souvenirs store
Souvenirs store by Andreas Manessinger/Flickr

It’s always nice to buy some souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones while on a holiday.

There is a wide variety of options, and it all depends on your budget.

The best place to buy souvenirs and gifts is the capital city of Lefkas.

You can find gold and silver jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, including very expensive handmade items.

Of course, there are also more affordable options such as fridge magnets, coffee cups and many others.

15. Windsurfing at Vasiliki Beach

windsurfing at vasiliki beach
Windsurfing at Vasiliki Beach by Rob Faulkner/Flickr

Windsurfing is definitely one of the most enjoyable water sports you can think of.

Whether you are an advanced surfer or just a beginner, it guarantees a few great hours at the beach.

The tourist village of Vasiliki is considered to be the windsurfing capital of Lefkada.

The beach is covered with small, creamy-white pebbles, and the sea offers the most tempting sapphire-blue and turquoise nuances you can imagine.

There is a very light and gentle breeze in the morning, which becomes much more intense in the late afternoon.

16. Visit the Olive Museum in Syvros

olive museum in syvros
Olive Museum in Syvros by TripAdvisor

The Olive Museum in Syvros is a must-visit attraction, especially if you want to get to know the real Lefkada better.

The production of olive oil has always been one of the most traditional and important sectors of the economy.

Actually, the museum is very recommended because it is the real old factory which operated until the 70es of the 20th century.

17. Scuba Diving at Cape Lefkada

cape lefkada
Cape Lefkada by Anita Szeicz/Flickr

If you love scuba diving, one of the places to visit on the island is Cape Lefkada.

Here you will have the pleasure to enjoy a huge variety of species of marine creatures, and if you are lucky enough, you will see dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles and many others.

The sapphire-colored water is very clear and transparent, and the visibility can reach up to 40 meters in sunny and quiet weather.

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18. Wine tasting

lefkas earth winery
Lefkas Earth Winery by TripAdvisor

Because of its long hot summers, mild wet winters and rich soils, Lefkada offers some of the best wines in Europe.

This is why the island is a very popular wine tasting destination.

Some of the places to visit during your holiday are:

Lefkas Earth Winery (very easy to reach if you are staying in the city of Lefkas and excellent wines);

De Blanck (wine and champagne bar where you can choose from a very good selection of top quality products;

Karsanikos Winery (some of the most preferred wines you will find in Greece) and many others;

19. A day boat trip to the island of Aristotle Onassis

skorpios island
Skorpios Island by Chris Barnes/Flickr

A symbol of luxury lifestyle and privacy, Scorpios is a beautiful island located about a kilometer off the coast of Lefkada.

It is covered with lush green forests and is surrounded by the most limpid sapphire-blue waters you can imagine.

Better known as the island of Aristotle Onassis, the access to this piece of paradise is nowadays strictly regulated.

Since this is a private island, you can only visit it with an advanced reservation.

20. Try the most traditional local treats

traditional local food
Traditional local food by Angelbattle bros/Flickr

Apart from the traditional Greek foods such as olives, seafood and appetizers (also known as tapas or meze), every single inhabited Greek island has its unique culinary heritage.

The Ionian Islands are a very special category when it comes to cooking because they are “touched” by the Italian culture.

Remaining quite far from the huge crowds of travelers and from the main tourist routes, the island is well known for its authentic tastes and incredible treats.

Here is what you definitely need to try while here:

Souvlaki (made from lean chicken or pork meat) with vegetables;

Gyros (Greek version of doner kebab);

Thyme honey (one of the best ever);

Lefkaditiki ladopita (syrup dessert);

Soumada (or Almond milk);

Avgotaracho of Messolonghi;

Loukoumades and many others;

21. Visit the Lighthouse of Lefkas

lighthouse of lefkas
Lighthouse of Lefkas by Giorgos Ser/Flickr

Built in 1890, the Lighthouse of Lefkas is one of the top attractions to visit on the island.

It is located at the southernmost tip of Cape Ducato, which is also the southernmost point of Lefkada.

The 14-meter-high snow-white structure is the culminating point of an exciting journey across the narrow and forested 8.5 kilometers long peninsula.

The combination of steep white cliffs and cobalt-blue waters makes the place unforgettable.

22. Take a cooking class

cooking class
Cooking class by George M. Groutas/Flickr

A great way to add some color and depth of your travel to Lefkada is to take advantage of the wide variety of cooking classes on the island.

Visiting one of them is an inspiring way to make your diet more diverse and healthy on a daily basis.

It is not necessary to spend too much time, especially if you are on a short holiday.

One or two classes are absolutely enough to change your habits in the kitchen forever.