11 Best Things to Do in Antipaxos (Greece)

mesovrika beach

It is not a secret that Greece boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Ironically, the tiny island of Antipaxos, with a total area of only 5 sq.km, is the place to find a few of them.

Actually, when it comes to the number of must-visit beaches, this small piece of land is a serious competitor to much bigger islands such as Crete or Rhodes!

If you are planning a trip to the Ionian Islands, you should definitely dedicate some time to the small jewel.

Actually, if you are a sea lover, you should consider the option of spending an entire holiday in Antipaxos.

Here is a list of ideas of what you can see and do while on the island.

1. Spend a day or two on a boat along the east coast

boat trip antipaxos
Boat trip by Vince Smith/Flickr

Despite the fact that there are some wonderful Mediterranean villas to stay in while on the island, nothing is more magical than staying on a boat just off the coast of this little paradise.

There are some advantages to choose this option, including the fact that you can swim whenever you want, and the crowds of visitors are far away from you.

2. Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Agrapida

crystal clear waters
Crystal clear waters by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

The shallow coastal waters of Antipaxos are perfect for people who love snorkeling.

The underwater visibility is incredible.

It reaches up to 50 meters in quiet and clear weather.

In addition, the dry and hot summer weather is guaranteed at least from late April / early May till late September / early October.

Despite you can enjoy the water sport everywhere, the most recommended spot is the small and cozy bay of Agrapida.

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3. Enjoy the tropical beauty of Paralia Voutoumi

paralia voutoumi
Paralia Voutoumi by Ari Bakker/Flickr

The most beautiful of all the beaches in Antipaxos is Paralia Voutoumi.

Facing its dazzling beauty, you will be amazed because beaches like this one are rare around the world.

The white sand and azure waters remind rather about the Caribbean.

Actually, we can even say that Voutoumi is number one beach in western Greece and in the Ionian Sea as a whole.

4. Fishing along the coast

fishing along the coast
Fishing along the coast by Ari Bakker/Flickr

If you love fishing, one of the best places to do this in Greece is the shallow coastal waters of Antipaxos.

The waters are full of life, including a large number of species of fish.

What more exciting than to cook on the boat the fish you have caught by yourself.

Underwater fishing is another option but you should be well-equipped and of course, you must be a good swimmer.

5. Take a walk into the forest

antipaxos forest on the coast
Forest on the coast by Barry Lewis/Flickr

Antipaxos is a green island. It is covered by vineyards and forests, so it is a wonderful place to walk around.

With a total length of less than 4 kilometers, it has the size of a big urban park.

Even in the height of summer, the island is a relatively quiet place.

Actually, sometimes the island looks even deserted.

Walking around its forests, the chance to meet other people is really small.

You just listen to the song of birds and crickets.

6. Take a short boat trip along the west coast of the island

short boat trip
Short boat trip by Darold Massaro/Flickr

The western coast of the island is quiet and generally uninhabited.

It is mostly dominated by white and steep coastal cliffs.

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The best way to enjoy their beauty is to take a walk by boat along the coast.

Thus you can take pictures from a different angle.

Behind the cliffs you only see green forests and vineyards, without traces of human presence.

The only thing to remind you that you are not alone here is to accidentally meet another tourist boat.

7. Sunbathing at the finest sandy beach

white sandy beach
White Sandy beach by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

Vrika Beach offers the finest stripe of white sand on the island of Antipaxos.

This is the best choice for you if you really enjoy sunbathing.

Of course, the water is azure and very smooth so this is also a great spot for swimmers.

8. Find some privacy at Mesovrika Beach

mesovrika beach
Mesovrika beach by Facebook

Mesovrika Beach is one of the three most beautiful beaches of Antipaxos.

However, it is always quiet because tourist facilities are completely missing here.

This is a good choice if you want to just relax on the coast under the pleasant shade of the trees.

9. Scuba diving

voutoumi beach
Voutoumi beach by Andrew Gustar/Flickr

If you are healthy and love the sea, you may be interested to take a diving class.

If you already know how to dive and if you have the needed equipment, then you will be fascinated by the dazzling beauty of the underwater world along the coast of Antipaxos.

You can enjoy your favorite water sport both along the east and along the west coast but the most exciting is the northeast of the island where the beaches of Vrika, Mesovrika and Voutoumi are.

10. Try local food and wine

bella vista taverna
Bella Vista Taverna by TripAdvisor

In the northeast of Antipaxos there are a few traditional coastal restaurants, called tavernas.

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You can choose from a great variety of traditional Greek meals.

Of course, the variety of seafood is the most impressive.

Fish, mussels, squid, octopus, crabs and many others are just a small part of everything you can try here.

If you decide to enjoy some of the tavernas of Antipaxos, don’t miss the chance to taste the local wine.

It is definitely a top quality product and is a great choice if you want to make your evening perfect.

11. Buy a gift for your family and friends

earth shop
Earth shop by TripAdvisor

Since the island is very sparsely populated, it is very difficult to find something to buy as a souvenir for your loved ones at home.

However, there is something you can do.

You can visit a local winery and buy a bottle of local wine for your family or friends a home.

A bottle of high quality wine is a sign of good taste and is something your family could open for special occasions.