10 Best Beaches in Bulgaria

kamchia largest bulgarian beach

Bulgaria enjoys a world fame because of its magical beaches, and some of them are among the most attractive in Europe.

However, the most beautiful and clean of them are too isolated, and you need a car, some additional information and GPS to find them.

1. Silistar

kamchia largest bulgarian beach
Near to the village of Sinemorets is one of the most attractive Bulgarian beaches.

It has a typical Mediterranean beauty and is considered a real competitor to the wonderful beaches of the warm Mediterranean islands.

It is situated in a small cove and offers lovely golden sand.

2. Kosata

Kosata is the northern beach of the small coastal village of Sinemorets. Situated in the estuary of Veleka River, the beach is very spectacular.

It is considered one of the most attractive places to enjoy sunbathing and swimming on the southern coast.

3. Irakli

Irakli is among the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The area is a real paradise with pristine and clean nature.

The place is difficult to access, and there are no extras for tourists. Visitors who want to spend some time here usually pitch tents on the beach.

4. Pasha Dere

Pasha Dere is considered one of the most beautiful areas along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It’s needless to say that there is a superb beach.

The area is located about ten kilometers south of Varna, close to Borovets, and really worth a visit.

5. Rakitnika

Rakitnika is a very beautiful beach, which is located in a protected area a few kilometers south of Varna.

The site offers the opportunity to find some privacy far away from the crowded beaches of the city.

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Rakitnika is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy the fresh air and clean sea water.

6. Kamchia

The huge and golden beach of Kamchia is a lovely and quiet place located only 30 km south from Varna.

Although the resort attracts large groups of Russian tourists, the beautiful beach always provides enough space for all visitors.

Even during the busiest months of the year you can find a lot of free place.

7. Shkorpilovtsi

golden sands beach
Less popular than Kamchia but no less beautiful, the beach is located 40 km away from the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna.

As we already said, it looks like the beach of Kamchia but with the difference that there is no major rivers to flow into the sea.

As you can expect, Shkorpilovtsi also is a peaceful place to spend your holidays, and the beach seems endless.

8. Butamyata

Butamyata is among the most attractive places for swimmers and sunbathers. It is famous for its fine sand and shallow, warm and transparent waters.

The beach is clean and secure and is located in close proximity to the resort village of Sinemorets.

9. The beach of Varvara

The beach of Varvara is not very big but is very clean and maintained. It is less crowded, and it offers lovely golden sand and pristine waters.

The beach has a typical Mediterranean appearance and is recommended to visit it now because year after year it is more and more popular.

10. The beach of Albena

Though we are trying to show you the wild and less crowded beaches along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, you do not have to miss the beach of Albena resort, which is just wonderful.

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Anyone who has visited this magical place knows how beautiful, large, clean and maintained the beach is. If you decide to spend a typical lazy summer afternoon there, the great experience is guaranteed.