10 Best Black Sea Cities

varna from above

The Black Sea Coast is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe.

Every year between May and September tens of millions of tourists come to this part of the world to spend their summer holidays.

Here you will find sun, sea and beautiful cities in combination with lovely sceneries, rich history and numerous entertainment options.

And now let’s see what are the ten most beautiful cities along the Black Sea Coast:

1. Varna, Bulgaria

varna from above
Varna is the most beautiful and modern city along the Black Sea Coast.

Because of its economic and cultural significance, it is often described as the most important regional center and as the summer capital of Bulgaria.

The city is magnetic, surrounded by charming resorts and lovely beaches. In fact, Varna is the center of the so-called Black Sea Riviera – a series of attractive resorts located north of the city.

2. Sochi, Russia

The city of Sochi is situated at the heart of the Russian Riviera, one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Russia.

With its charm and attractiveness, this is the only competitor of the Bulgarian city of Varna in the region of Black Sea.

The picturesque location and lush nature play a huge role in attracting foreign and local visitors.

3. Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta is undoubtedly the most beautiful seaside resort in Ukraine. The coastal town is immersed in lush vegetation, and its calm streets strikingly reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

With its architecture, Yalta is very different from most other former Soviet cities, and here we should note that it has retained its charm intact.

4. Constanta, Romania

The pearl of Romania is the beautiful coastal city of Constanta.

It is an interesting place for local and foreign visitors, and it will not disappoint its guests, no matter their interests.

The beach is wonderful, and in close proximity is the beautiful resort of Mamaia, one of the best-known in Southeastern Europe.

5. Bourgas, Bulgaria

nesebar bulgaria
Bourgas is often described as the smaller twin brother of Varna.

Indeed, the city is quite similar, with almost the same seaside park, railway station and some other notable public buildings.

Bourgas is a liveable and vibrant city with a colorful and vivid atmosphere, and it is famous with the fact that it attracts many young people from across Europe.

6. Odessa, Ukraine

Unlike other places in the region, what distinguishes Odessa from all the other cities along the Black Sea Coast are not its exotic beaches but its interesting architecture and, of course, its port, a symbol of the large Ukrainian seaside city.

7. Balchik, Bulgaria

The small and lovely coastal town of Balchik is a romantic place that will take you back in the past when these lands were temporarily within the borders of Romania.

Today, the largest local landmarks, such as the Balchik Palace and the famous Balchik Botanical Garden, are some of the most notable monuments of this historical era.

8. Primorsko, Bulgaria

The small village on the southern coast of Bulgaria will make you fall in love with its lush scenery, slow pace of life and unparalleled hospitality.

Here is preserved the spirit of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast from the past.

Without being overbuilt, Primorsko offers excellent facilities for its guests, which come from all points of Europe. The town is without doubt one of the top destinations in Bulgaria.

9. Nesebar, Bulgaria

The town of Nesebar, whose old part is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for its location on a small peninsula, which is deeply incised into the Black Sea.

Old houses of past centuries will help you touch the rich Bulgarian culture.

As regards to the entertainment opportunities, they are simply endless here.

We just have to say that near at hand is the biggest Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach.

10. Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol is a small piece of Paradise situated on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Its lovely beaches in combinations with old houses, narrow streets, countless restaurants and unpretentious and relaxing holiday atmosphere turn this place just into a heaven for its guests.