29 Best Things to Do in Corfu (Greece)

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If you are determined to organize the perfect summer holiday for you and your family, Corfu seems like a choice you can’t go wrong with.

It combines limpid aquamarine waters, lush vegetation, scenic landscapes, long and hot dry summers, welcoming local people, healthy cuisine, fragrant wines and wonderful historical cities with beautiful old buildings.

And so, you have already arrived.

One of the most important and diverse islands in Greece is at your disposal.

But what to start with?

Here is an ultimate list of things to do while in Corfu:

1. Discover the fantastic beaches of Paleokastritsa

beach of paleokastritsa
Beach of Paleokastritsa by Al King/Flickr

Corfu is considered the most favourite destination for beach lovers in the Mediterranean, and indeed, the island has a lot to offer.

White pebble or sandy beaches, crystal clear emerald water, plenty of sunshine and incredibly rich underwater biodiversity are just a few of its numerous advantages.

If you want to see the best of it all, you should visit the village of Paleokastritsa.

The lively tourist center on the west coast of the island is just fantastic.

Steep forested slopes descent toward the emerald Ionian Sea.

The coastline of the village offers a number of small coves with the most irresistible waters.

2. Visit the Nymph Falls and take a walk in the forest

nymph falls
Nymph Falls by Pinterest

The Nymphs Falls is one of the most beautiful natural sites on the island of Corfu.

It is located in an ecologically clean area and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful deciduous forests in the northern part of the island.

The walk to the falls is a good choice for people who like to stay active during the holiday and need something more than just staying in the hotel room or at the beach.

Moreover, the weather under the shade of the trees is very pleasant even in July and August.

3. Enjoy the French arches of Liston

liston building
Liston building by Dimitris Kamaras/Flickr

A number of wonderful buildings contribute to the exquisite atmosphere of Corfu Town.

The Liston Building is definitely the most beautiful of them all.

It is located in the very heart of the island’s capital.

The square in front of the colonnade is the center of the social and cultural life of the island.

The building itself dates back to the 19-th century and is a real embodiment of classic French elegance.

4. Food and drink tasting in the old town of Corfu

café in old town of corfu
Café in Old Town of Corfu by dronepicr/Flickr

Nothing is more romantic than walking in the unique old town of Corfu, which is under the auspices of UNESCO.

Discovering the narrow cobbled streets and their beauties, you will definitely come across a number of traditional local restaurants, called tavernas.

Take some time and have a cup of coffee in some of them.

Try the taste of the traditional salads and white cheese.

Don’t miss some of the most popular meals such as musaka and sofrito (they are both with meat).

Try the popular candied fruits (usually oranges and dates) or a piece of baklava (very sweet and “strong” taste).

5. Get a hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour ticket

sightseeing boat tour
Sightseeing boat tour by James Green/Flickr

As a traveler, you are probably on a budget but still want to see as much as you can during your stay on the island, and there is nothing wrong with that.

One of the easiest, quickest and most affordable ways to do it is to buy a hop-on hop-off bus ticket.

They are usually valid for a period of 24 hours, which is absolutely enough to explore the capital of the island very easily and conveniently.

Even if you are not planning to stay in Corfu, you will probably visit it.

Even not very big, the city offers too many places to see and visit.

The good news is that the hop-on hop-off bus routes include the most attractive sights in the capital.

For further details, please visit the nearest tourist information center.

6. Visit the Corfu Town Archaeological Museum

corfu town archaeological museum
Corfu Town Archaeological Museum by Dr.K./CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are interested in the history of the island, the Archeological Museum of Corfu is the best place for you.

Even if small, it offers a rich collection of artefacts.

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Most of them are of great importance and talk about the evolution of the culture of Corfu over the centuries.

The variety of the collection will let you know more about the different aspects of the everyday life on the island.

7. Day trip to Albania

ksamil albania
Ksamil, Albania by Artur Malinowski/Flickr

Less than 4 km is the distance between the island of Corfu and the picturesque Albanian coastal city of Ksamil.

You can easily join an organized ferry trip to the neighbouring country, including to use the services of a professional travel guide there.

If you still experience any doubts, you should consider the fact that the city of Ksamil is the most attractive tourist center of Albania.

8. Visit a 16th century church

agios spyridon iconostasis
Agios Spyridon – Iconostasis by Keith Laverack/Flickr

Built in the 1580s, Agios Spyridon is considered one of the most beautiful churches on the island of Corfu.

It is well-known for its bell tower which rises over the red tiled roofs of the old historical buildings in the old town.

Richly decorated and sophisticated, the interior of the church is what attracts visitors of all religions.

The painted ceiling is a real masterpiece, and the iconostasis is one of the most impressive on the Ionian Islands.

9. Windsurfing and kitesurfing at Issos Beach

issos beach
Issos beach by Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr

There are many places to enjoy the exciting water sports here but Issos Beach is definitely the best choice.

Located just next to the south of Korission Lake, the place is popular for its ecologically clean environment.

The combination of smooth sea surface and persistent refreshing breeze is what makes the beach the most recommended kite and windsurf spot on the island.

10. Diving at Kolovri Rock

kolovri rock
Kolovri Rock by Keith Laverack/Flickr

If you love to dive, the Kolovri Rock is one of the most recommended places in Corfu and in Europe.

It is located 1 km off the west coast of Corfu, not far from the world-famous tourist village of Paleokastritsa.

The cobalt blue water offers exceptional underwater visibility of over 40 meters, which is quite impressive for the Mediterranean.

The biodiversity in the area is enormous.

11. Visit Prince Philip’s birthplace

mon repos
Mon Repos by Dan Lundberg/Flickr

Situated amidst the lush vegetation of the forested eastern coast of Corfu, Mon Repos is the place where Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Elizabeth II, was born on June 10, 1921.

Nowadays, the sophisticated villa has been transformed into a museum.

It is located at a walking distance from the downtown of the capital of the island.

12. Enjoy the Canal d’Amour

canal d'amour
Canal d’Amour by Paul Stephenson/Flickr

One of the iconic places to visit in Corfu is the popular Canal d’Amour.

It is located on the northern coast of the island, in the popular tourist village of Sidari.

Despite the island offers hundreds of beaches with more limpid waters and whiter sands or pebbles, this spot is just unique.

This is one of Corfu’s most recognizable places and offers warm aquamarine waters and caramel-colored sands.

Standing on the coastal cliffs you can take hundreds of wonderful pictures of the beauty of this natural masterpiece.

13. Swimming at Kalami Beach

kalami beach
Kalami beach by Pinterest

In searching for the world’s best beaches, many people decide to visit the island of Corfu because of its worldwide reputation.

One of the most scenic beaches to visit is Kalami.

Well-known for its white pebbles and emerald green limpid waters, it is a great place to swim, snorkel and relax on the shore.

The surrounding area is wonderful too.

The rounded hills around are covered with lush Mediterranean forests, nourished by the intense winter rains, typical of the Ionian Islands.

14. Visit the Asian Museum

asian museum
Asian Museum by Dan Lundberg/Flickr

Although not particularly related to Corfu’s history and culture, the Asian Art Museum is unique of its kind and should be visited from every traveler.

It is a place with no equivalent in Greece and is definitely very impressive.

The art collection consists of artefacts from Japan, China, Korea and other asian countries.

The museum itself is housed in a wonderful and sophisticated palace of great architectural importance.

15. Enjoy a secluded beach

secluded beach
Secluded beach by Karen/Flickr

In the northeast of Corfu, somewhere between the Avlaki Beach and the village of Agios Stefanos, you will find a few kilometers of coastline that is practically almost deserted.

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Here you can spend the whole day on a secluded beach, to have a picnic with your loved ones, to swim in crystal clear waters and to enjoy some sunbathing.

The only thing you need to do is to take a short walk through one of the forest trails or rent a boat and choose the beach you want.

The most common feature of all the beaches in the area is that they are ecologically clean, well preserved, with crystal clear waters and lots of green vegetation to find some pleasant shade.

16. Have you ever tried parasailing?

parasailing in paleocastritsa
Parasailing in Paleocastritsa by Darko/Flickr

The island of Corfu is considered one of the top parasailing destinations in Europe. The reason is easy to understand.

The island is well known for its picturesque coastline as well as for its smooth and quiet waters.

The island offers a number of places to try this incredible adventure.

However, the western coast, and more specifically the shore of Paleocastritsa, is the top spot to try and enjoy this activity.

The good news is that you don’t need to have any additional skills or knowledge except for wish to try a new water sport.

Is it good for beginners? Yes, it definitely is!

17. Visit the Monastery of Paleokastritsa

monastery of paleokastritsa
Monastery of Paleokastritsa by Luc Coekaerts/Flickr

Situated on the top of a hill over the most beautiful village in Corfu, the Monastery of Paleokastritsa is a top attraction in the area.

Built in 1228, it is well known not only for its wonderful location but also for its beautiful and charming architecture.

The easily recognizable bell tower, light and welcoming colors and the shade of centuries-old trees are just a small part of what makes this place so magical.

Thanks to its specific location, the monastery reveals a wonderful view toward the village and the picturesque coastline of Paleokastritsa.

18. Snorkeling in Kassiopi

view to kassiopi
View to Kassiopi by Pinterest

If you love to snorkel the best place to practice your favourite water sport is Kassiopi.

Since the coastline is mostly covered by rocks and pebbles, the sea water is incredibly clear and limpid.

In combination with the smooth and quiet water surface, you will be able to see and enjoy the huge variety of marine species in the area.

The mirrored sea surface is also the reason why this place is a good choice even for beginners.

19. Spend a day at Avlaki Beach

avlaki beach
Avlaki beach by Pinterest

Avlaki is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu, and it is recommended to visit it at least once during your holiday on the island.

It is located just north of a number of quiet and deserted beaches in northeastern Corfu.

The white pebbles are the reason why the water is so limpid.

The surrounding area is particularly clean and untouched as the beach is not very popular and easily accessible.

20. Eco tourism at Korission Lake

korission lake
Korission Lake by Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr

Korission Lake is one of the wonders of Corfu.

The ecologically clean area is located in the southwest of the island, stretches at approximately 5 km and covers a total area of 1050 acres.

The lake, which has been existing for 140 000 years, is a saltwater lagoon.

It is a great place for bird watching and relaxation.

Five km long stripe of fine golden sand separates the lagoon from the Ionian Sea.

Today, the lake is a protected area and is a paradise for nature lovers.

It is home to a wide variety of birds and aquatic inhabitants, some of which are endemic.

21. Jump to the island of Vlacherna and the monastery

vlacherna island
Vlacherna Island by muffinn/Flickr

Vlacherna is a very small island located to the south of Corfu town.

It is connected to the land through a narrow pedestrian stone bridge.

You can easily reach on foot the island and the monastery of the same name as well as to buy some souvenirs from here.

The place is a popular and easily recognizable tourist attraction.

The building of the monastery itself dates back to the 17th century.

22. Try some of the top quality local wines

vineyard corfu
Vineyard in Corfu by Thomas Cook

Due to the combination of blessed climate and fertile soils, Corfu boasts fantastic wines with unique taste and flavor.

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The climate is Mediterranean but much wetter than on the other Greek islands, which strongly influences the quality of the grapes.

If you are a connoisseur of the alcoholic drink, you should definitely try some of the local wines.

One of the specific features is that the traditional wine on Corfu should contain at least 60% Kakotrigis grapes.

There are available a number of places to visit for wine tasting.

One of the more popular is Ropa Valley.

Here, in the famous Theotoky Estate, you will be able to taste some of the top quality wines on the island.

23. Jump to the small Pontikonisi

pontikonisi island
Pontikonisi Island by Dimitris Kamaras/Flickr

Pontikonisi (which means “Mouse Island” in Greek) is a tiny islet off the coast of Corfu Town.

It is covered with dense vegetation and its main tourist attraction is a Byzantium chapel from the 11th century.

As the chapel is hidden behind the tall trees, it is almost invisible from the coast.

In fact, you can only see the white tip of the old building.

24. Sunbathing at Agios Georgios Beach

agios georgios beach
Agios Georgios beach by Mr William/YouTube

Agios Georgios is a beach covered with fine golden sand and offers smooth and quiet sapphire blue waters.

As the sand stripe is pretty large and wide, it is never too crowded.

Along the coast there are wonderful tavernas to take advantage of the healthy and tasty local cuisine and to try a portion of fish with vegetables.

25. Swimming and snorkeling at Porto Timoni

porto timoni
Porto Timoni by Cornelia Huck/Flickr

Porto Timoni Beach consists of two beautiful little coves.

It is located on a small peninsula, between the villages of Agios Georgios Armenadon and Agios Stefanos.

This is a very quiet and secluded spot.

The sea surface is smooth, and the sapphire-colored water is irresistible.

The visibility under water reaches at least 30 – 40 meters.

The coves of Porto Timoni are one of the best options for the lovers of swimming and snorkeling.

26. Boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos

boat trip to paxos
Boat trip to Paxos by James Green/Flickr

The small islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are well-known for offering the most azure limpid waters in the Mediterranean.

Spending your holiday in Corfu, you should definitely take advantage of the day boat trip tours to the islands which are available in almost any tourist agency in Corfu.

27. Day trip to the islands of Sivota and the Blue Lagoon

trip to sivota and the blue lagoon
Trip to Sivota and the Blue Lagoon by Henrik Bach Nielsen/Flickr

Located about 10 km east of Corfu and less than 200 meters off the coast of mainland Greece, the islands of Sivota are a real magnet for visitors.

They are practically uninhabited and are covered by lush vegetation.

Along the rocky shores you will find the most pristine sapphire waters.

A number of tourist agencies arrange boat trips with lunch and beverages included in the price.

28. Don’t miss the Achilleion Palace

achilleion palace
Achilleion Palace by Dan Lundberg/Flickr

The Achilleion Palace is a real architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful buildings in Corfu.

It has served as a residence of royalty, emperors and their families as well as of famous poets and writers before it became a military hospital during World War I.

Visiting this place you will get an idea of what is a real royal luxury.

It is located just a few minutes drive to the south of Corfu Town and is situated in a wonderful park, just 500 meters from the coast.

29. Discover the paradise of Limni Beach

limni beach
Limni beach by Pinterest

Limni Beach is a place of exceptional natural beauty.

In addition, because of the relatively small number of visitors, here you can find and enjoy the privacy and tranquility you need.

At the same time, it is located not far from the wonderful tourist village of Paleokastritsa.

In fact, Limni Beach is a mixed sandy and pebble stripe that plays the role of a natural bridge and connects a small and picturesque green islet just off the coast with the main island of Corfu.

It attracts visitors for its shallow pristine waters and excellent opportunities to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and other beach activities.