10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals

saint peter and paul church peterhof saint petersburg

If you are planning a thematic tour dedicated to the most beautiful and memorable Christian churches and cathedrals in the world, then you should certainly draw attention to the “Old Continent”.

There is hardly any other place in the world to be able to compete with Europe when it comes to Christian churches, so do not be surprised that most of the countries in this list are to be found in Old Europe.

1. Russia

saint peter and paul church peterhof saint petersburg
Due to its cool climate, Russia is not a very popular tourist destination.

Many people do not know, however, that here they will find the most impressive and magnificently decorated Christian churches in the world.

The capital Moscow offers some truly magnificent Orthodox churches, but the most impressive is St. Petersburg or as they call it – the Northern Venice.

It is famous for its sparkling white churches with majestic golden domes.

2. Italy

Italy has the most beautiful Catholic churches and cathedrals in the world.

This is hardly surprising given that the Vatican – the seat of the Pope and the heart of the Catholic world, is situated in the city center of the Italian capital.

However, you will find magnificent churches throughout the country, and cities like Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence are just some of the places you must visit if you want to enjoy beautiful temples and exquisite architecture.

3. Greece

Greece is one of the most important centers of the Orthodox Christianity in the world.

Soaked with history and cultural atmosphere, the sunny Mediterranean country boasts some really amazing cathedrals and numerous small churches.

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Popular tourist islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are well known for their variety of whitewashed small chapels with blue domes.

They are a kind symbol of Greece, and they attract thousand and thousands of visitors every year.

4. Germany

cologne cathedral germany
It has long been known that if you want to feel the atmosphere and spirit of Old Europe, you have to start your journey from Germany.

The country is an excellent example of European architecture, including one of the places in the world with the largest number of churches and cathedrals that should not be missed.

The jewel in the crown and one of the symbols of Germany is, of course, the magnificent Cologne Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary.

5. Spain

With pointed turrets and richly decorated facades, the churches in Spain offer the best of the beautiful Spanish architecture, without even mentioning the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Catalan capital.

They are very important not only from a religious point of view, but also as an architectural and cultural attraction of the sunny Iberian country.

6. France

If you are interested in Gothic cathedrals, then France is one of the first places to visit.

The typical slender silhouettes of the elegant French cathedrals are striking.

Except for the capital Paris and some other famous cities, the countryside is also dotted by thousands of worth visiting Catholic churches.

7. UK

Britain is known for many things and one of them is its great variety of outstanding churches.

The Island is a place to offer its visitors numerous small and charming temples, but also some truly giant and impressive cathedrals.

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You will find masterpieces of architecture both in the capital London and in the countless small towns that are scattered across the green British countryside.

8. Norway

The harsh Scandinavian country is known for its stave churches – a kind of unique wooden Christian temples. During the 12th and 13th centuries they were thousands.

Today, however, there are less than 30 of them.

These unique temples are remarkable because although they are Christian, they are strongly influenced by the paganism that ruled over these lands before the coming of Christianity.

9. Turkey

Though Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, it is one of the places where you will find the most amazing and inspiring Christian monuments in the world.

These lands were the center of a thriving Byzantine culture, and therefore the presence of Orthodox Christian churches here is no surprise.

Definitely among of the top places in the country are the huge metropolis Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) and the region of Cappadocia.

10. Israel

If you want to get closer to the sources of Christianity, Israel is one of the leading destinations in the world.

There are some really inspiring temples in the country.

The Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, for example, is without a doubt the most sacred place in the Christian world.